South Yorks Police now offer ****

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rincewind, May 25, 2006.

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  1. Further to my recent accident in January in which I totalled my bike, my shoulder and nearly my life I’m now being asked to bend over by the police officer who attended the accident!

    I have a recollection as I lay in the ambulance surrounded by police, paramedic, and firemen of a conversation in which the police officer said he smelt diesel and the fireman saying aye but he couldn’t risk spraying it down as the temp (it was January remember) could freeze it and make it more dangerous.

    This conversation is the key to my claim. My bike was petrol.

    The police officer is now saying he can only confirm there "there was fluid on the road but cant confirm if it was there before or after the accident" and if I want to discuss it it will be in a formal interview which I will have to PAY him to attend!

    Surely this can’t be right!

  2. Do you have legal protection on your insurance policy? if so this would help as the insurance company would pay legal fees up to a certain amount and this should cover the cost of the policeman making a statement.. The fluid on the road should have been identified as part of the accident investigation given the conversation between the copper and the Fireman. You could always try tracking down the fireman?
  3. Was the Police Officer from a Roads Policing Unit
  4. Now that's a MFin' thread title.

    That's unbelievable! I imagine it would cost you to get the fireman to attend this "meeting" as well...assuming he would remember the conversation?
  5. So we can buy our own policeman/woman/transgender/hermaphrodite. What are their rates and do they do "extras"?

    On a serious note, how much are they expecting you to pay? Can this be claimed from your insurance, as I have legal cover, does this cover paying a copper to do his/her job? One off payment or hourly rate?
  6. Why not speak to the fireman. He probably has a better idea of the difference in smell between petrol and diesel.

    As for whether the diesel/petrol was the cause of your accident, how could either know how long the "fluid" had been on the road, unless they had been standing around waiting for you to have your accident.

    You're still responsible for driving with due regard to the road conditions, diesel spill or not. If you want to claim against someone who spilled the diesel, you may have a bit of a problem identifying the culprit.
  7. Most Traffic cops down here in Hampshire has been on Haz Chem courses. So indetifying deisel would not have been a problem.
  8. Your legal protection should cover all legal fees arising from an accident. Depends on the small print of the various companies but this seems like a classic case as to why you pay the extra fees! Because this fluid could be the actual cause of the accident it seems to me that the police should be legally obliged as part of their job to confirm the matter. I must say I'm suprised they can charge fees, what next? Stripograms? Makes you wonder where all our taxes are going?
  9. Did the officer not make contemporaneous notes of this?. If so, surely he wouldn't need to attend, just supply an extract of his notes.
  10. ERm,

    it's actually very common practice for a police force to charge for a copper's time if required to give statements/appear as a witness in a civil case. I emphasize civil case.

    No doubt your insurers will be sticking it to Highways for failing to clean the roads or summat similar. Fair do's but it's probably a matter of civil liability in the Council's duty of care to you. Hence the plod isn't being snotty he's probably just complying with his guidelines in the matter.

    I know it sounds nutty but I believe that the idea is that civil cases take ages and drag along like a cripple. Thus a plod who is called as a witness will have his/her services denied to the public whilst appearing in a court for what is usually a question of compensation and not generally speaking criminal offences (Which is what we're supposed to be usually for). So... they charge in order to prevent the public paying for an essentially private claim where no criminal proceedings are taking place.
  11. To fill in the blanks....

    i crashed - i assumed it was ice - was jan afterall.

    i am laid out at deaths door in massive ammounts of pain - the police officer entered the ambulance, he asked me what happened/speeds/etc

    i told him, 10mph, touched brake - lost bike on ice.

    he said - not ice, its diesel... wait 1

    came back and said - the firemen said its diesel too, but are unwilling to hose down for fear of icing

    no i am led to believe after the conversation with the civy in the road accidents centre- that if i pay him, he will say what i need to hear to my solicitor. if not, the written statement is all he is prepared to stand by.

    Without this statement i have no case against the MIB (uninsured/untraceable driver claims)

    I will be honnest and say i assumed at the time of the accident it was my fault and i would be severly out of pocket.... it was the police officer who told me it was a diesel spill - probably from a bus, he said get a solicitor.

    my insurance co gave me a solicitor who specialised in motorbike crashes, they said - diesel was put there by someone so its not your fault, you can claim off the MIB, but "costs" are limited to a capped ammount and the monies awarded are limited, so my legal battle has to be fought from a small platform as it is.

  12. I'm not traffic (Ooops, Roads Policing) so I couldn't give a definitive answer on what the plod is going to do/not do but my previous generally holds true for when we're asked to appear/be interviewed by solicitiors for civil proceedings etc.

    Hope the pain stops soon
  13. Check your PM's Rincey.
  14. Let me get this right.....

    You crashed due to Diesel on the road.

    The police officer TELLS you it's due to diesel.

    The fireman tells him it's due to diesel.

    The police officer then tells your solicitor it might not have been diesel some 6 months after the incident.

    Now he'd like you (a tax payer) to pay him to come along and explain why he changed his mind given another emergency service professionals expert opinion on the evening of the crash....

    Surely there is a note in his note book and an incident report filed by the fire officer in attendance on the evening of the accident to say there was diesel on the road and the action they decided not to take and why they did so in case another accident occurred and they had to re attend?

    Unless they both decided it wasn't diesel at the scene and forgot to tell you...... Doubtful isn't it.....

    Beebs x
  15. Yes, a photocopy of the Fire Brigade report may be the best bet. (In return, you could honk every time you pass the Station).

    The problem with the copper is that, even if you pay for an interview, he could still say that he was unsure whether the fluid was petrol (yours) or diesel (somebody else's).