South Wales Police: God Complex?

I caught the following story as I leafed through the daily propaganda:

Now, Jesus was a pretty clever guy - so clever in fact, he was able to heal lame men (Acts 3, Verses 1 - 10).

Do South Wales Police think they're on a par with Jesus - being able to make a lame cerebral palsy sufferer walk after demanding he leaves the refuge of his mobility scooter?

They must feel really satisfied that they were able to make an 11-year old disabled boy collapse with great indignity in front of his sister and friend. They had no legal justification, or entitlement, for doing this whatsoever.

The United Kingdom is a civilised nation because most people accept the laws of the land, whether they are good laws or bad, and abide by them. When will the Police realise they are only able to uphold the law because they have the consent of the people? I dread to think what Britain will be like in ten years time at this rate.
Methinks they have been watching too many episodes of Little Britain. South Wales Police are getting a bit of a reputation for being sh*te thief takers, maybe they were trying to improve their crime figures or something. What this story does is make me feel sorry for the many decent coppers out there who like us get painted with the same brush every time someone does something slightly idiotic.
BBC said:
A spokeswoman for the force said it had offered to take Keiron out for a ride in a police car.
What about an unreserved apology, perhaps "Yep we got this wrong"

As the latest vehicles leaving HQ at Bridgend seem to be top of the range Beemers, Merc's, Volvo's and Jags, it might be the only chance this kid gets to ride in a luxury car. Makes me wonder where the local plod have got the money from? Recently a lot of highly publicised drugs busts and speeding fines must be the answer or are they really gods and can turn anything into gold when needed.
I feel like god sometimes, doesnt god have loads of people who dont believe hes capable of absolutely anything but when the sh*t hits the fan they all start praying to him.... i dont know why but that definitely has similarities to being a police officer.... :wink:


BBC said:
A spokeswoman for the force said it had offered to take Keiron out for a ride in a police car.
Don't go Kid! What's the betting they take the poor little fücker off for a good shoeing for daring to complain.
They'll plant notes from the Kent Heist on him, shoot the tires out on his chair and claim he was the Mr Big behind the robbery.
An aside but related.

Two drunk coppers in civvies (very much off duty) think it would be a wheeze to give some body grief. They do just that, picking up some inoffensive bloke who just happened to be passing and give it some 'we're the Sweeny sonny'.

Not knowing the guys are coppers, a third party arrives on the scene and fills in the two drunks. Two drunks flag down cop car, identify themselves to motorised Sergeant and Constable demanding assistance to make an arrest. Third party sees what is going on, approaches cop car and explains what happened. Sergeant tells drunks to fcuk off and think themselves lucky he's not giving them a hiding too. His parting words to them for the benefit of public spirited citizen were 'they'll let anyone join the police these days'.

Told to me by the guy who got picked on.

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