South Wales/Cardiff/Pontypridd

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by nebapneb, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. Anyone in either 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh(C Company) or
    53 Signals Squadron who could let me know of any 'open' nights coming up?
    I've tried ringing the numbers I got from rfca at Maindy but no one ever seems to be in :(
  2. For the areas you've mentioned you are spoilt for choice with TA units and the RMR.

    With Infantry, Artillery, R Mon RE (M), Para Field Ambulance and RLC you have no real need to show an interest in RSignals.

    Best of luck,

  3. Don't forget there is also Int Corp, SAS and 203 Field Hospital in Cardiff/Newport as well! In short you're spoiled for choice in South Wales. I would suggest you have a think about what you want to do then aim specifically for particular unit. As for no one answering phones............ Try anyone of half a dozen Golf courses and you'll find most regular and NRPS staff there most afternoons :twisted:
  4. Tonight (Weds) is drill night for the R Mon RE(M) who have a troop in Llandaff North. SHQ is at Cwmbran Tel 01633 838006 for details if interested
  5. i've just turned 34 so SAS is out(plus i'm a knacker of fat), i'm not frontline NHS so out goes 203 Field Hospital and i don't fancy MI or the RLC
    i don't think i'm fit enough for the Para Field Ambulance but i didn't realise that R Mon RE(M) had a troop in cardiff.
    however i can't do wednesday drills so i'm looking at tuesdays(well till after christmas at least)

    i work in IT/Comms so thats why i thought about the signals, although the mortars in ponty look pretty good :D
    hopefully someone'll pick the phone up so i can speak to them :)

    at the end of the day, i want to be doing and being more than i am now
    its hard to explain without sounding like a tw@t, but that pepys quote keeps coming back
    and i don't want to end up in my forties or fifties kicking myself and saying what if