South Staffs 1920s-1952

Getting all nostalgic last night with the Battle of Britain anniversary my dad and I started to talk about his father, much of which was just recanting old stories and refreshing our memories of the old boy.

When my Granddad died he left me pretty much everything which included a good deal of photos and one or two souvenirs from his service days and naturally started rummaging through with a few things in mind to look for.

When he was 17 it was 1944 and so he singed up to do his bit with the South Staffordshire Regiment and was promptly posted abroad and ended up serving in Palestine, India, Sudan and Burma before leaving the force in 1952 via Warminster, after they had their first of three children. His discharge papers show him leaving as a private however there is a photo of him with his mother with two chevrons near the cuff of his left arm; so the first question begs, what are these? I would have thought Corporal but I have never seen them there and upside down.

We never found out exactly why he joined the army as by all account his father was an Raf man (although may have been pre-Raf, unfortunately no-one is left alive to confirm this at all but apparently he was killed in service). His step father though was as my dad tells it, a marine however very little is known about this except the memories of my old man of his childhood and a photo album his time in the Sudan in 1927. Many of which should South Staffs men and with none showing clearly his cap badge. The one clear photo of him is a football team photo in which a couple of Staffordshire knots are present.

This leads me to believe that either he was attached to the South staffs as a marine or my father recalls it all a bit fuzzy.

If anyone can fill in the gaps, it would be appreciated. Their names were:

Great Granddad : John(i think) Keogh
Great Granddad(step) : Joseph Wallet
My Granddad : John Keogh

I will scan up some of the pictures if anyone is interested.
Fantastic.. cheers each :)

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