South Staffordshire Badge

Recently i was going through all my grandads army kit.
He served from 1914 for 20ish years and there's some things i can't identify.
There's one badge in particular, has South Staffordshire inscribed on it, but it isn't the cap badge that appears online so i have no idea.
It has a Sphynx and Egypt inscribed in the middle.

I tried the British badge forum but my ip was banned within 5 minutes of joining. Anyone got any ideas?
It looks like it might be for the tropical helmet. It was attached to the cloth "pugaree" wrapped around the helmet using the long slider. Pugaree badges were often larger and sometimes a different design than the normal cap badge.
Yes, or possibly it is a helmet plate centre? I don't think it is a glengarry badge, as the South Staffs glengarries I have seen have knot-badges with Holland cloth backings.

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