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South of the border...

Just been south of the border, down Kingsbridge way, for a couple of nights holiday in sunny/rainy/sunny Devon!

On the way home we stopped in Brixham for fish and chips. We parked outside a pub called the Crown and Anchor. We were delighted to note a)it was dog-friendly but even more so to see b)they encouraged people to bring their own food to their harbourside tables and eat it whilst swilling back the pub's booze. Outstanding concept in itself but here's the punchline...

The pub sells a bitter that is made for them specifically - Crown and Anchor bitter. It is immaculate. So if you are passing through or indeed in Brix tonight, get down there and have a skinful of this tasty beverage.

C&A - excellent pub, well worth a visit - especially if you like trawlers!!

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