South of France- cheap holidays

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Ian1983, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. Hello all

    Has anyone camped in the south of france.

    I'm considering flying to the South of France, hiring a car and just driving around and pitching up a tent at campsites that are where we are for that night. If in doubt sleeping the car.
    Has anyone done something similar or advise me on how you can rent a pitch for a evening.
    I've had a look on the internet, however pretty much all of the searches come up with 1-2 week stays and I'm more interested in basically wandering around for 2 weeks then being stuck in one area.

    Many thanks.
  2. It's a long time since I did it (early 80's) but the bible I used was the ADAC Camping Caravaning Führer. It's still available at bookshops or direct from ADAC (German AA).

    I joined the ADAC at the time because membership gave discounts on many of the site fees which covered the cost of joining. Don't know if this is still the case.

    Some details can be taken off the ADAC website - example below: (and click on the red bit at the bottom)

    Of course, you need to be able to understand German to use the website but I think the book works in several languages.
  3. Do NOT get a camper van and park out of way places, there have been several night raids by the pikeys dropping sleeping gas in them and stealing everything.

    If you go to Cannes, pop on the ferry over to the island of Ile Sainte-Marguerite, very peaceful.
  4. ^^^

    I was thinking about just pitching up a tent at a specific place. Thanks for the heads up though.

    Excellent. I'll print this out and use it's suggestions.
    With some of the camp sites, can you just turn up and get a pitch for a night or two, or will they want you to book in advance and potentially stay a lot longer?
  5. Did I forget to mention that the ADAC Camping Caravaning Führer is a campsite guide?

    It's bordering on essential to take a list of sites with you if you're intending not to follow a strict itinerary. Most sites are booked well in advance and will be full, so you need to have a list of fall-back options.

    It's best to phone ahead, preferably at least the evening before, to save you spending half of your holiday trying to find somewhere to stay. Also, you may find that if you turn up late and unannounced, you could end up paying premium rates because the owner knows that you have no other option.

    If a campsite has space - and be aware that when a foreign campsite is full, it often means Glastonbury-style crowded - they'll take you for as long or as short a period as you want.
  6. Many thanks for the input. I'll pick up a copy of ADAC Camping Caravaning Führer.
    For some reason I thought it would cover mainly germany. From the looks of it (and I say looks because I don't speak german so trying to navigate the website at the moment).
  7. Cher Monsieur le Député,

    Je me suis permis d'effectuer qqs modifications.


    la jolie fille de Perth :lol:
  8. I'd strongly advise finding places where English is spoken. Our polyglot posters above have reminded me of one of the hazards of camping in France.

    The French for "I would like to pitch a tent" is "Je voudrais monter une tente".

    Monter = to mount, to put up, to erect.

    Unfortunately, tente is pronounced the same as tante, which as any schoolboy knows, is French for aunt.

    It would be bad enough saying that you'd like to mount an aunt, but tante is also slang for a male homosexual. :omg:

    At least if you camp in Germany, your opening words to the site warden won't be "I want to f*ck a queer".
  9. Good job the girl I'm taking (supposedly) speaks french
  10. I've already set my watch 5 minutes fast, I'll put it a bit more.

    Slippery and wet in a tent, better make sure everythings wipe clean then :twisted:
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I was down there last week between St Tropez and Hyeres, temps in the low 40's (10 above what the forecast was saying) and occasional storms. Aircon was a must - a tent would have been hell.

    If you go after the August rush it will be much nicer, quieter and cheaper.
    2** double rooms should run you to about Euro 80 for a good location in Sept. Campsites are not cheap unless they are well off the map, but then expect Euro 30, more if you want to use a "chalet" (=shed) - you may want to weight the cost of tent/kit hire against that.

    If you want to eat reasonably, do activities etc, I would not class it as a cheap holiday destination.

    Is there anything you want to do in particular?
  12. I am doing Nice, again, in October but Holiday Inn for me :lol:
  13. Ma chère m'selle de Perth, je m'excuse mais je n'ai pas pu résister qqs modifs supplementaires :*

    Totally agree with visiting the Frejus/St Raphaël/Agay/Ste Maxime area. Spent many happy summers of as a lad in that area (including the hot slippery fornication :hump: )
  14. No it is in boulevard Victor Hugo :D
  15. évidemment