South Korean proposed as new UN chief. Coincidence?

Have today's earlier events north of 'The Parallel' prompted this move?

BBC said:
S Korean proposed as new UN chief

South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon has been nominated by the UN Security Council as the successor to Secretary General Kofi Annan.

The General Assembly is now expected to endorse the choice in a vote likely to take place later this week.

Full text here:
After what I recently went through in that country, I wouldn't trust a south korean not to off his own mother.

It's not that I am bitter you understand.


edited due to cooler head.
Think you may be right, Merkator, but perhaps the wrong way around, as it were.

Mr Ban won the last in the series of informal votes last week, and the Security Council was due to meet today to vote on the candidate whose name would be sent on to the General Assembly. It was, though, already 99% certain that Ban was going to be the Security Council's choice.

I would hazard a guess that Kim Jong Il couldn't stand the thought of a South Korean being appointed as UN Sec General and winning the big headlines for the Korean peninsula today, so perhaps a major diplomatic gesture from Pyongyang was rustled up...

Normally, I would be tempted to head to the kitchen, reach out the roll of foil from the draw by the kitchen hob and then indulge in a spot of millinery after making such a suggestion, but given Kim Jong-Il's Diplomatic Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder when it comes to his insatiable need to get one over on the the South, I don't think this is an unreasonable theory. May not have been his prime motivation, but the timing does seem spookily coincidental.

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