South Korea flogs Korean War weapons back to the USA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. SLR's are banned here in the UK…

    Cvnts. :x
  2. Fcuking A, gonna get 2 of each, even though I already own a Garand and a Carbine. Just stay away from Korean K-54 Headstamped .30 US as it has many case ruptures.

  3. Everything is banned in the UK, hadn't you noticed?
  4. Of course, the Irish government sold all it's stored Lee Enfield's (packed in grease, never been used, google Irish Contract Lee Enfield's) to the states for £10 each in the 90's, I believe they go for a lot more than that now!
  5. Personally, despite what General 'I used to be a Roman Centurion' Patton thought, the SMLE probably won far more battles over far longer than the M1 Garand ever did.
  6. Was that the state of Derry,Newry,Falls....?Sos,not funny :oops:
  7. But they kept one of tropper could be acquainted with it in the winter months.

    edited to say sorry..thought I'd posted in NAAFI
  8. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    SMLE had a far longer service life than the Garand so the contention, above, that it won more battles than did the American weapon is probably correct.

    OTOH, the US Army went from Springfield, to Garand to M14 to M16 in the approximate timeframe it took our armed forces to move from SMLE to SLR, indicating far greater conservatism in the musketry of the UK armed forces.

    A number of British troops in Korea - facing enemy "human wave" attacks at very close range (30 yards - 0 yards) - were aggrieved that they did not have a higher/better complememt of automatic weapons. RMs of 41 Commando who joined the USMC at Chosin Reservoir and fought through "Hellfire Valley" into the Hagaru Cauldron were equipped with the Garand and tended to prefer it, as it was self-loading.

    Still, there were cases where the SMLE could outshoot the Garand: An Argyll Jock challenged a US Jarhead to a shooting match in Korea: Whoever could hit a tin can at medium range with 10 rounds was the winner. The American thought he would take it easily with his Garand, but lost: The SMLE had a 10-round mag, the Garand 8, so the Jarhead had to reload! Apparently, he took the loss in good stead.
  9. No it was a Smith & Wesson pistol, point blank