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  1. Just found some photos from a 98-99 tour of South Georgia...Anyone else serve in "Hell frozen over"?

    What do you remember of it? Good or bad?

  2. I was there 85. Didn't appreciate the trip of a lifetime, never touched a ski in my life until then either!
  3. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    WTF is this doing in The Lamp and Sandbag????
  4. Where should it be? Can a Mod move it to the right place then please??
  5. Lots of shooting up the rats at Grytiviken bay with the Remington, patrolling/ skiing the coast line from one old whaling stn to another, living in snow holes, great, constantly taking the pish out of the ML/LC

    And the most memorable was in 91 watching the Sappers burn down there accommodation, all the fire hoses where frozen, so we just watched it burn to the ground, they lost everything.
  6. LOL, I remember the weekly rat shoot!!
  7. Seeing how many White plank ski's you can stick on the wall with your Regt and names on.

    Trying to your hardest not to kick over the penguins at Penguin bay.

    Just cabbying off at the drop of a hat when you feel like it whilst on patrol

    Finding a 66 missing when inspecting the Ammo dumps??
    Watching the impact on a glacier from yep you guessed it a 66.

    Watching the herc turn back with your mail due to weather

    Best tour of my life
  8. One month, when the Herc did it's dry run over KEP, one of the cnut loadies threw a stack of blueys out the back and we watched them flutter down into the water!! It took a while for us to realise it was a stitch up!! Crab B'stard!!
  9. Ah 3 day journey RFA Sir Galahad flat bottomed boat
    sick as fcuk.
    Good skills of getting 320 comms to Falklands if only for a couple of Mins.
  10. Never had the pleasure of the Sir Galahad..I went down on HMS Edinburgh..was still sick as fcuk..

    That is pretty good drills, hitting MPA with a 320...We were lucky to get the 321s in some days, even had to use morse!!

    Didn't half do some drinking on that tour..if I remember rightly, three (was it four) squaddies died there after the 82 war and from what I heard only one of them was not drink related!
  11. I just had a few days there in late 84 when the RGJ took over from I think the Coldcreams. I went down on the Laughalot, we were both consenting adults and fortunately we brought our own transport in the shape of a Scout and a Gazelle. Delivered the post and supplies to Bird Island and that was the end of a ten day trip.

    Great visit but I wouldn't have liked any longer there. I've got 123 piccies of the trip and I think I did find the one that didn't have a penguin or a sodding elephant seal in it.
  12. I was there in 94 with the Royal Irish - went down on HMS Brazen which then went on to ground itself somewhere.
  13. Hey, anyone else been to South Georgia
  14. My dad did on HMS Rothsay about 84 i think.
  15. Yes mate, went down on the RFA Gold Rover in 89 I think it was (2nd or 3rd tour so was allowed a jolly to South georgia), myself and an RE MT Sgt who has sadly passed on to Sapper Valhalla since that awesome 12 days...

    Our divers went down on the RN Ship and we all met up with the Sapper Det on the Islands who had a Curry waiting for us that had been in deep freeze for a month, they also had a barrel full of all sorts of spirits, fruit and 'things', the divers tried to find out if the whaling boat that had sunk there had a hole in it, being a boat op and having explored everything tehre was to explore in the first day I then spent the next 3 days with the LC taking the lads and equipment back and forth. A good time was had by all, paart from the Gale Force 10 and bouncing around in it and being laughed at by the matelots due to the green colour we had obtained as well as being arse when it came to eating and drinking during the storms! how do those feckers do it so well!

    If the scaly 'rigger' who was on the return journey in the Gold Rover with us is on the ARRSE Site, I was the one who pulled you back through the Port Hole you tried to clamber out of at death o clock in the morning!!! daft cnut!!! this chap has a habit of climbing the tallest thing when pissed, it was only me and him still supping in the bar and he decided to try and get out of the porthole in the bar, only problem was there was no deck outside but a long drop to the South Atlantic instead!

    You owe me a beer if you read this... and to all fellow Sappers, I have to apologise for rescuing a Scalie, but it would have been hard to explain how he went MIA so took the best option as it would have also meant drinking on my own 8)