South Georgia Det - 266 Sig Sqn/JCUFI

Hi ARRSE'rs,
Couple of questions about this:
First, does the Corps still have a presence on South Georgia (indeed, is the island still garrisoned?)
Second, how many of you served there?

Reason for asking is that I went there as a fresh faced 19 year old in the mid 80's, spent the majority of the winter there, but had a fantastic time, both from a trade perspective (long(ish) range secure HF), militarily - serving alongside the Gurkha's and Engineers, firing GPMG SF, 84mm, etc etc., and socially (of course), despite the isolation.
How many more bods are out there?
I served in South Georgia (266 Sig Sqn) Jan - Apr 1987 as a LCpl, and had a great time. No SATCOM or INMARSAT just good old fashioned HF, when being an operator actually meant something. RTG remains Gods Trade.
I was at KEP from Sept 86 to Jan 87.

sudafed, our path must have crossed for a few days during the handover.

This was probably the best 4 months I spent in a green suit.
2 x 8 month tours (94/95) on SG, the best two years of my Army life, maintaining an 800 mile HF link was real operator stuff. Add this to many a drunken night in the Sigs Shack. Not forgetting the Skiing, Ice jumping. Added with the fact you had bags of weapons with a battalions yearly amount of ammunition and explosives to use every three months. ItÂ’s a shame that we handed this post back over to BAS, but it was theirs in the first place! They have taken most of the old building down and it has all been replaced by all singing and dancing research centre. If you want to have a look at what they are doing now follow the link below
What I forgot to say was that this callsign almost took out Sir Ernest Shackletons resting place with an 84mm Carl Gustav round when undertaking live firing with the Gurkhas - luckily, I checked and double checked what I was aiming at - the canvas screen target on the other side of the bay looked very similar to the grave stone - other than the white fence around the grave itself - I knew something wasn't quite right when looking down the optical sight! That would have taken some explaining I guess :!:

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