South East Asia/India on a budget - advice wanted...

Discussion in 'Travel' started by gentleman_bastard, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. Morning all,

    The company I work for has foolishly decided they will no longer require my services after November. Luckily they're paying me some cash to leave so after everything else me and the missus will have about 5k, which we have decided to use for a bit of travelling.

    We're thinking India or SE Asia, as they seem to have nice weather around Jan/Feb/Mar but we don't really know how to do it. We've got a couple of specific questions (which I am researching all over the internet) so any help would be greatfully recieved.

    -Do you need to book places to stay or can you just rock up and find a cheapish room?
    -Whats the food cost like - ie how much will we need on a daily basis roughly?
    -How far will 5k get us? 1 month - 2 months - 3months?
    -Where should we go - I fancy at least some time on a beach with some cultural stuff as well?

    Much obliged, and I realise that cost and stuff is subjective.


  2. india: depends how fussy you are. 5K get keep you afloat for a couple of days or a 3-4 months. There certainly is a lot to see in Hindustan, If I wanted a decent trip, I'd calculate 50-60 USD per person & night. This does not get you in to top class hotels but hostels, B&B and the like, pays for trains, taxis rickshaws, meals and most entries to sites.

    It depends what you like, mughal kitchen and architecture head to New Delhi and do Agra, Rajasthan etc, the Lonely Planet and Footprint guide on India are both very good, buy whichever one has been issued / updated most recently. If you prefer beaches and nightlife, fly to Bangaluru and do Kerala. The possibilities are endless and Dec /January is a very good time to travel.
  3. Thanks both - this is the sort of thing I'm after. never even heard of Kerala but it certainly looks good.
  4. India is fantastic, but try to stay away from the tourist traps like Goa, Kerala is a gem and still not to touristy, As mentioned get a good guide book, Kathmandu in Nepal, worth a visit and a quick look at the Himalayas, but it gone very touristy of late and is now quit costly, Some parts of South India are almost tourist free and wonderful places to visit, the Beaches are some of the best in the world
  5. Also have a think about Cambodia and Vietnam, there were some threads about this before and i'm sure EODmatt could point you in the right direction.
  6. Thanks all - this is great. Jarrod - looking at the Ko Chang websites they're showing accomadation for about 1200 Bhat per night - I make that about £25. Is that about standard?
  7. Kathmandu in Dec and Jan? Too cold, most places don't have heating, so if that is your kind of thing... other than that, yeah, pretty much agree.
  8. You could do cheaper but you only want to go so low in price. Don't forget our exchange rate is poor it's not long ago there was 60-70ThB to a £. Not many tourists seem to go to Koh Chang yet.
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    You can get away with a bout £50 a day and stay somewhere v.nice in Thailand, Koh Samui and the like are expensive overcrowded tourist rips offs - far better to go to Hua Hin or if you want head out to Phuket and PiPi Island. You can do it for less but I wouldn't want to try for a long period. 1,500 baht or £35 for a B&B is realistic for beach holiday places - go upcountry and you can get a nice hotel room for 400 baht per night.
  10. Koh Chang is probably the nicest of Thai islands though it has been overdeveloped following along the depravities of Phuket & Samui. Whilst 1200 baht is considered high end by those lags living here, when you are away from the tourist traps. If you are on a very modest budget you can find places around 4-600 baht.
    My son, who is on his GAP year out here has budgeted 12-1500 p.d. to cover his food, drink and accom. You can probably guess his priorities were not quite in that order!
    Travel, if you do as the locals do, is relatively cheap - though you will still be charged a farang price.
    You will find it cheaper away from the coast and islands. The north which imho is the nicest part of Thailand, is considerably cheaper.
    My only concern regarding your plans is the time of year you have chosen to travel, as it high season due to the Christmas holidays and tarrifs are adjusted accordingly.
    Good luck with your plans and travels.

    BTW, I see Jarrod has recommended Samet. Beware, this has become the destination of choice for L.B.s to take their latest catch and has freelancers hassling those who are already a couple.
  11. Laos is worth going to, if only for the gucci stamp in your passport and the opportunity to confuse your more geographically-challenged friends. It's dead laid back, which makes a nice change, especially if you arrive straight from the madness that it Phnom Penh. There are also very few gap yah Tarquins, which has to be a bonus.

    Oh, and if you don't mind hordes of backpackers and aren't going to be subject to CDT any time soon, you can openly buy marijuana pizza in the Riverside district of Phnom Penh.
  12. I'm not sure I want to ask, but whats a L.B?

    Again, thanks everyone - this is really great stuff.

    Edit: Duh...Ladyboy.