South Dakota to Tool up the Teachers

Discussion in 'US' started by AndyPipkin, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - South Dakota to allow armed teachers in schools

    When will they realise that the only real way to protect America's kids is to issue every kid with an M4/203 combo and half a ton of ammo at birth?

    And can China please hurry up and achieve global primacy? I really am getting quite tired of this bunch of utter, total fvckwits running things.

    *waits for multiple Spams with huge armories to compensate for their tiny penises to pillory him*
  2. This appears to be a move by the gun lobby to treat a symptom that they themselves have created by arming loopy teenagers with military weaponry in the first place.

    In itself, it doesn't seem like a bad move; but it's put forward by the same people who refuse outright to concede to any sort of gun control legislation.
  3. So the thinking is that the only way to cure gun crime is to arm everyone? Sort of like a Mutually Assured Destruction pact?
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  4. Check the studies and statistics old boy--they support just such an approach. The railing against we f**kwit septics on this thread as in other similar threads might be credible if they were made before the first firearm reached the hands of an American but given that there are estimated 300 million firearms in the US, such rantings are both impractical and in themselves their own brand of the same f**kwittery we are accused of.
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  5. The extremes on both sides of the argument are guilty of the same fuckwittery. It's a difficult topic, actually, because there are very few rights and wrongs.

    On a complete ban on guns (except in certain, very specific situations), I see the sensible arguments as follows:

    Against: The criminals would have guns but the general public would not
    A fair point, but the majority of the general public don't have guns. Most of those who do keep them at home. Plenty of crime takes place despite the current gun situation, so would it really make a difference?

    Against: I have a right to own a gun to prevent tyranny
    I would suggest that the right was provided at a time when guns as a check on government made sense. Nowadays, the Government has an enormous arsenal at its disposal. Unless you're packing radar, satellite imagery, main battle tanks and fighter jets, it makes no difference.

    For: It would go a long way towards preventing school shootings
    The vast majority of school shootings have been committed with firearms that were legally owned by somebody. The shooters in every instance that I know of were young loners who would not have had the criminal connections necessary to procure illegal firearms.

    All that said, if I lived in the US full time, I'd have at least one gun and a concealed carry permit.
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    The idea that I always find hilarious is that somehow a bunch of camo clad spandex covered molled up fat 40 year old will somehow overthrow the forces of evul - i.e. their own military/Gov.

    I was reading one board where everyone was very worried about how much toilet paper they should horde in case of the black helicopters coming...
  7. Thanks for being honest. As for the rest I will not rehash my position on the other aspects of your post.

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  8. I am glad we can provide you with some hilarity as you do seem awfully overwrought at times.

    Without aligning myself with the 40y/o you describe--which I would argue is the extreme given your string of colorful descriptors, I would submit that there were many a redcoat (at least the officers) in 18th century Boston who made the same sort of jokes about the "locals" when compared to the best army of the world at that time. I think they played a slightly different tune ("the World Turned Upside Down" as I recall) some years later at a place called Yorktown.

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  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    The othe hilarious thing about the septics is their poor knowledge of their own history - I think that was more to do with the aid of France which enabled the victory - something they promptly forgot when they were happily vilifying everything French not that long ago.
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  10. I was expecting that--the French were absent from that slight unpleasantness experienced by the self same lobsterbacks (see I do actually read history) on their return (some less kind historians would use the term "flight") to the safer confines of Boston after their ill-advised effort to seize weapons stores north of the city.

    In similar fashion, the Hessians (hired in rather unseemly fashion by the British as their "Wild Geese") had a rather bad time at the hands of the septic rabble on a snowy night in New Jersey. I also do not recall any French participating in the Battle of Kings Mountain that also ended rather badly for Major MacGregor and his troops.

    If attributing the strategic victory over the British at Yorktown to the French makes you feel better about it I am glad. As for the point I was actually making vis a vis your post about the 40 y/o wannabe and the fact that the vaunted British army of the 18th century (the parallel being to the supposedly invincible US military of today) had extreme difficulty (I am being charitable here) with the backwoods hicks of America, I think my point will withstand any legitimate historical scrutiny you choose.

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  11. To me you sir are the embodiment of the original American. Stubborn and boneheaded with a sense of independence that goes beyond logical reason. Your grasp of irony can be acute. Juxtaposition of authority and allegiance come easy to you. Wonder where you got all that from?
  12. The very qualities that got Lewis and Clark across the continental divide...
  13. All male teachers now to be known as 'Bubba'? It's a sad state of affairs when weapons are required in schools- hardly the Utopian society the teary eyed god-fearing folks always brag about.
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