South Africans take a pasting in the CAR

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Looks like the SA contingent in the CAR has been well and truly trashed by....the Seleka, the Central African Republic rebels....the rebels now have taken the presidential palace in Bangui and Bozize, the local president, has fled.

    The heroic story told by the SA Gvt seems to be a far cry from what really happened on the ground. They have lost at least 13 KIA and there are rumours that a number of POWs were taken by the rag tag Seleka.

    This is a major blow for the standing of SA in the region and it now leaves Chad as the only credible regional military power.

    France currently has 500 soldiers in Bangui, the capital. They are holding the airport and protecting expatriates; they were attacked yesterday by some Seleka elements that quickly retreated after taking some casualties.

    BBC News - Jacob Zuma - 13 South African soldiers killed in CAR

    South Africa troops killed in CAR fighting - Africa - Al Jazeera English

    SANDF confirms SA casualties in Central African Republic | News | National | Mail & Guardian
  2. So what's going on globally then? Is this real Jihad in action across the Middle East and Africa? Or just loads of small skirmishes relating to power?
  3. No, for the moment at least, no jihad in the CAR, only he "normal" power struggle which has seen one coup after another in that poor country since its independence.

    Different news article are confirming the rout of the SA contingent; the surviving SA soldiers are apparently now protected by the French in the Bangui airport and they are waiting for the return trip to South Africa....

    In this article, they say that SA is to remove its troops but at the same time it mentions possible reinforcements...

    Eyewitness News: CAR descends into chaos; SA soldiers want out
  4. Cheers for asking my question.

    I've often wondered whether they referred to Great War or The Second World War by the names we use today whilst the battles were still being fought or whether the phrase came afterwards.

    There is certainly a lot going on in the world.

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  5. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    From this are we to assume that the SA army is not the respected professional well led and motivated organisation it once was? Or are we looking at a lack of political will and commitment a la our own experience in Basra?

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  6. Yeah the SA Army and SANDF as a whole have got some serious problems. Regarding what the contingent of 200 or so Parabats in CAR was doing there see here:

    Daily Maverick - SA troops killed in Central African Republic: Why, Mr President?

    Certainly much controversy about it.

    SANDF deployments in Africa at large:
  7. Thank you for those interesting articles.

    One of them mentions the fact that SA had "assets to protect" in the CAR; any idea what they are suppose to be ?
  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Jesus H Christ - they were Bats? RSM Klippies Stone must be spinning in his grave....
  9. Please tell me that i'm not the only one whose first thought when reading the BBC headline was "Jesus, that's a big ****ing car!"
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  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Should have hired Executive Outcomes - they only needed about 150 men to take over a country...
  11. nah, just a regular minibus taxi. Always seats one more.
    I remember watching an SABC documentary on SANDF forces deployed to Darfur a couple of years ago. I thought they look more like a bunch of homesick kids getting used to boarding school. At first I found it amusing to think that the once impressive South Africans now managed to make the Irish contingent look like a serious first-world military force.
    Then I was suddenly struck by the thought that if anyone fired in their direction with intent, a lot of those poor buggers were going to die.
    Sad to see the inevitable finally happen.
  12. A bit unfair on SA - she is Air Force.
  13. But more seriously, RIP. I would be interested to know the circumstances in which they died - given a large or well organised enough enemy their deaths might not be down to their own levels of competence - think Brits taken hostage in Sierra Leone. (Not that I think that the SANDF is anywhere near the competence of its previous incarnation.)
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