South African truck Kills 27 people in Pinetown - another bloody Thursday

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by redshift, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. A semi going through a red light completely wipes out 3 vehicles at a traffic intersection in Pinetown, west of Durban.....bloody horrible to watch. Approx. 27 dead.

    Warning, graphic footage. And it started with Wordsmith's Russian drivers' thread.

    Horrific Pinetown Crash: Runaway Truck Crashes Into Several Vehicles || Shocking Footage - YouTube

    May they R.I.P

    According some news outlets, the brakes on the truck failed and the driver has just been arrested.

    Pinetown truck driver arrested | News24
  2. Why did they pull out without looking?
  3. Too many people just assume green light means 'safe'. It's only since riding my motorbike do I double check even when the light goes green.
  4. Riding a bike teaches you to pay attention and assume the worst. All drivers should be made to for a year.

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  5. Totally! Especially in the U.S. where your chances of death are higher due to the much bigger vehicles, higher (urban) speeds, general in attention of the drivers, the poorer road surfaces (where I live), the changing seasons. I generally drive with an assumption that some idiot is on a mission to kill me. Even then I had a few close ones.
  6. A few years ago a foreigner hiring a car in South Africa would be given a few tips regarding car-jacking. These included not stopping at red lights at night if driving though suspiciously dodgy areas. Maybe the truck driver was spooked by a potential robber.

    ...or maybe he'd run out of khat and after 18 hours at the wheel was too dopey to see the lights change.
  7. Surprised it wasn't more. Trucks and busses are often poorly maintained and poorly driven. A bad mix that results in trucks overturning on a regular basis. The driver was probably avoiding toll roads to save well as maintaining their vehicles, companies should issue drivers cards to pay tolls rather than a stipend. Minibus taxis (busses, really because they have set routes) are always overloaded and constantly push their way to the front of a line of traffic by piling into the wrong lane, forcing their way to the lights and then taking off before it goes green. This is because the drivers' pay depends on the number of passengers they carry in a day so they over-load and drive as fast as possible to meet their quota of fares then start making cash.
    Add to this that many of them are actually hiace vans with windows cut into them and rickety seats bolted none too sevurely to the floor and you have slaughter in an accident. A friend of mine doing a thesis on long distance minibus routes actually had to take over the wheel when the driver fell asleep on a return drive to Joburg from Durban - a straight run with 35 minutes rest in total during refuelling and refilling with passengers in Durban at the end of a seven hour drive down.
  8. Did they go round renaming everything when democracy took hold in SA?

    I wonder what sort of nicknames Vinnie's men have for him?:)

    All said and done it will either be poor driver training/technique or poorly maintained vehicles.

    The first port of call should be to examine the thoroughness of the testing system and instigate an agency akin to our VOSA who have the powers to stop, inspect and remove vehicles from use when they are found to be un-roadworthy.
  9. Many years ago I was riding (my bicycle) back from my girlfriend's house one night. I had to turn right across a dual carriageway into a side road. Another car was doing the same thing and we were sat in the turn right filter lane waiting at the red light. When the light turned green the car went, as was his right, but I watched in horror as a car on the opposite side of the road jumped the junction's red light and ploughed into the car turning right at about 40 mph. If I'd done what I normally do which is ride alongside the car turning right I'd have been the meat in the mangled metal sandwich and very, very dead.

    Luckily no-one was hurt as there were two kids in the back of the vehicle that had been t-boned and they were pretty shaken up. Being vulnerable on the road really does teach you to be more aware.
  10. There will be people pining in Pinetown tonight.
  11. Thats one way to turn a white van into a convertible.
  12. Aggressive driving seems to be the problem in the UK. Out here in the Midwest, it's driving with no attention. For example, changing lanes without signalling (and often without even looking) is the norm.

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  13. Blimey Frank, they said you'd died. ;)
  14. Sorta. There was the province of Natal and there was the homeland of KwaZulu - the remains of the Zulu kingdom after it was chopped up and the best bits made white. The map looked like a dalmation. After he refused independence for KwaZulu because you would cross the border every 20km on a straight road, Buthelezi suggested uniting the two as Natal-KwaZulu. After '94, they did just that, but in reverse name order. KZN is easier to say.

    As for Colonel...they renamed the cops ranks to things like Superintendent and Commissioner after '94 because the old apartheid era ranks sounded too militaristic. Then about two (politically appointed, completely devoid of any police experience) police commisioners ago, a guy decided that the best way to make the public take a corrupt, incompetent police force seriously - probably because he and his buddies remembered that was about the last time they'd taken the cops seriously - was to return the apartheid era military ranks and made himself a general. So that's an unrenaming.

    Which leads to the final point. We've got laws and regulations to rival the British nanny state and the EU commission combined. But absolutely no interest in enforcing them unless it suits a politician who is burying an enemy.