South African to British National

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Me!_Amph!!, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. I have a soldier who is South African in my Troop.

    He wants to become a British National, but not sure on what he needs to do. He has aproached the Chief Clerk for our Sqn, but only to always find himself too busy to halp a Sapper out.

    Can anyone tell me of what he needs to do to get a UK Passport.
  2. I believe all he has to do is pay 900 rand to his local SA Embassy (God knows how much that is!), failing that arrange an interview at local commonwealth office!

    Hope that helps, got a few SA Nationals here. Not a lot of help available at the mo' no one knows what the fcuk is happening!
  3. It might be that the system is deliberately not falling over itself to assist your soldier, while efforts continue to persuade the S African Govt to modify their Regulation of Foreign Military Assistance Act.

    This is an amendment to anti-mercenary legislation which would apply retrospectively to S African citizens already serving in the UK Forces. When I last checked, the legislation had been passed by the S African legislature but has yet to come into force. The British High Commission in Pretoria have been trying to persuade the S Africans to at least remove the retrospective aspect.

    South African citizens currently serving in the UK forces are supposed to have been fully briefed. I dont want to go into the details here, but anyone wishing assistance or with info for us is welcome to email marked for my attention. In confidence, natch.

    Douglas Young
    British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF)

    Link - very basic info from Home Office Border and Nationality Directorate
  4. The cost of gaining citizenship has just gone up nearly 3 fold from about £250 to around £690. It will be an expensive business for a young sapper...
  5. Hackle, thanks very much.

    I will copy your post and give him your email addy if he has any questions.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Please tell him good luck with his application.
  7. remember to make an appointment at south african house to get dual citizenship before application is made because you will need a letter from the british home office to say he did not apply for citizenship yet. It is good to keep our south african passports
  8. Here is another useful link:


    The fees have now changed, and are absolutely atrocious.