South African Singer

One sunny day during the first Intifada I found myself atop Masada.

At the northern end of the plateau a South African camera/sound crew were making a simple music video. There was quite a lot of interplay between the state of Israel and apartheid South Africa.
A handsome Boer smoothie was miming to an Afrikaans track as he posed to look out photogenically over the plain below towards the Dead Sea, En Gedi and Hebron.

I was with a couple of Jamaican nurses, very amusing. They were not impressed by the presence of South Africans, and strolled over to talk to a member of the crew.
“Who is he?” they asked, indicating the warbler.
“Reis Regis” came the answer, with an obvious sense of Springbok pride as though he was introducing Elvis Presley.

Without the trace of a smile one of the girls just said “Never ‘eard of he” and the other said “Crap song” and they just strolled away.

I overheard this, and had to smile.

I have never been able to track down who Reis Regis was, or is. I am guessing at the spelling of his name - Regis must be near enough, but I am not too confident about Reis which the crewman pronounced “Race”.

Any Arrsers able to help with who he might have been ?


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Joshua Slocum

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I think you may have solved it, given how an Afrikaaner would pronounce Bles Bridges.
Really grateful - I’ve been telling the story for years. I have an unexpected ante mortem drive to solve lots of little riddles in my life.

Need to know
Before I go

I have a few saffer friends, and they rip the piss out of my spelling afrikaans
at least I know what a moffi is now !!
Seffricans in Israel in the mid-80's?

"Here's some blueprin.... sheet music. Yes, sheet music for you to take home.
Seffricans in Israel in the mid-80's?

"Here's some blueprin.... sheet music. Yes, sheet music for you to take home.
hehe - slightly more than blueprints, CLC.
Remember that look-and-shoot gunsight which was pilfered at farnborough in the 80s?
Last spotted on my old man's filing cabinet.
He had a few dozen Shlomos and Moishes working with him.
His daughter was quite pretty a few years ago. Used to run into him and Steve Stofsuier occasionally at agricultural shows and other festivals where I did demo jumps with a mil display team as a massive con to boost my NS annual camp count. Some seriously fit boeremeisies but they seemed to fall into two categories in the main - The very tough and competent ones and the little princesses plastered in make up and seriously far up their own arses.

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