South African singer- with an unfortunate name

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by baboon6, Nov 12, 2012.

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  1. That it is probably unintentionally appropriate:

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  2. It does look that
  3. i'd top myself if i was called freddie!!
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  4. Almost as funny as this aptly named harmony group

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  5. The Gibson's what?
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  6. are Grocers?
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  7. Obviously not ARRSE members then....
  8. I see the 'research' is going well. It's not a bad strategy, I suppose, bombard the site on any thread that has the slightest relevance to SA.

    One small question, if I may? Why are you so desperate (as many of you seem to be) to join this fine institution instead of the SAA?

    I know there is one because I saw pictures of them on the news recently.

  9. Or do you just out?

    Perhaps if you read your own thread? "South African citizen wanting to join the British army" Post #11
  10. Probably be a difficult task. You do know that Saffa's treat the British Army like the French Foreign Legion, to get away from it all? No proper names and stuff?

    I personally served with 4 Jan Smuts and 2 Nelson Mandela's. The Mangosuthu Buthelezi I worked with once was a complete twat. He got all upset when we didn't call him 'Chief' which I thought was odd considering he was white?
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  11. You're a lawyer and you want to join the British Army?



  12. I suggest sending a PM to smokerjim, he seems desperate to help you. ;-)
  13. images-23.jpeg
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  14. There's those dodgy websites and applications for that sort of sordid man-love thing. I'm sure if you google 'Gay Cruising UK' you might get what you want
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