South African Quota System in Sport

Genuine question here.
Watching the opening match at the World Cup, I was surprised to see there are no white players in the South African line up, yet the same country employs a positive quota system with their national Cricket team, insisting that there should be a minimum of 2 black players in the side. I believe a similar regulation is in place for the South African Rugby teams?
Surely there is an inconsistency here?
They were going to put forward the quota system for the Rugby team, but I'm not sure if it is in place yet? If it were enforced in Rguby they'd struggle to side a decent team.

However this has increased a lot of funding at grass-roots level to bring on their younger players, so they can enforce this in the future. Unless it's already happened?? I was discussing this same problem about a year ago, and things may have changed.

No idea about cricket, as it's a dull sport.
I believe that there is a quota system for all sports but it is not applied. Anybody correct me if I am wrong but I understand that football is not played competitively at most of the 'white' schools so the vast majority of the local pool of available players is black. It was once explained to me that, although the kids want to play, they do not want to play away games at many schools because the schools are in the townships and this could be unsafe.

My view is that the authorities still see rugby as a bit of a colonial sport, hence the attempt to get the name changed fron Springboks to something else, and that applying the quota is punitive. There are some superb non-white rugby players but perhaps some do get pushed forwards at the expense of better, white, players.

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