South African Personnel.

I don't know if this has already been discussed or not! Apologies if it has!

The SA Government is passing a new law which might make it illegal for SA citizens to serve in foreign armies! I am aware that a UK delegation has spoken with the SA Gov but nothing conclusive has come about! Does anyone know what will happen, if this law is passed as it stands, to SA servicemen/women. Will we be shipped off or will our careers take a Nose dive? In my chain of command no one has any info or how to go about getting any info!

A mate told me I would have to write a letter asking for permission to serve/continue serving in HM Forces! If permission was granted it would be recsinded if we went on tour etc! What would the point of continuing to serve be if you couldnt do your job????

Is nearly 7 years of service going to be my last?

Help would be greatly appreciated!
none of the S.A's that i know have had any problems.
I have spoke to my RCMO ref this and he has told me that we will have to write a letter asking permission if we want to deploy a SA soldier. We will have to state what deployment they are going on and the SA gov will have the final say if they can deploy or not.

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