South African Observers back Mugabes win!!!!


Observers back Mugabe party's win

South African observers said Thursday's ballot was transparent
Southern African observers have endorsed the parliamentary election in Zimbabwe, which was won by President Robert Mugabe's ruling Zanu-PF party.
The Southern African Development Community said the vote reflected the will of the people, but other monitors said it was neither free nor fair.

The outcome gives Zanu-PF a two-thirds parliamentary majority that enables Mr Mugabe to amend the constitution.

The opposition claimed the poll was rigged and called for fresh elections.

The US has led international criticism of Thursday's ballot.

But correspondents say President Mugabe will be concerned only with African opinion.


Observers from the SADC said the poll was "peaceful, transparent, credible and well managed", although they expressed concern at the opposition's lack of access to state-owned media.

And what planet are they really on????????


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The BBC said:
South African observers said Thursday's ballot was transparent
I too believe it was transparent, though not in the same way as these observers......
If it works for Mugabe then it'll work for Mbeki too. The ANC is using Zimbabwe as a test case.
South Africa cannot risk having big problems in Zim, which would cause massive flow of refugees over order.
SA is going downhll fast enough, Mbeki shows the true face of the ANC, racist off white sh1t. Mandela was the acceptable face that took in the rest of the world.
Ex serviceman expecting a fair break ! ye gods (insert which one ya fancy) above.
Time we had sum occiffers that rent a mob can look down on !
There were demonstrations on the streets of southa africa the day before the zimbabwe election protesting about Mugabes corrupt regime and how it could no longer be trusted to serve the people. Oddly enough the protestors were union members and those of a left leaning, seen as how they were the one that backed him when he came into power.

At last they have their fingers out of their proverbial asses and are doing something!
Very sorry that post should not have been here, if I knew how to do it I would change it and put it into the Police discrimination forum where it should be. Wondered why no one had commented on it.

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