South African Lezzers fear Corrective Rape

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Apparently Lezzers in Sud Affrica are frightened that they will be raped until they are straight. So we wonder where MDN has been,

    Linky Bit

    and for those of you who want to try the surprise option

    Flight Bookings
  2. Never fear we have plenty of room in the land of milk, honey and HIV treatment.
  3. Rape jokes are funny... But the real thing is hideous! And the Africans think they are able to govern themselves with this shit going on?
  4. Life imitating art?

    Reminds me of Tom Sharpe's Riotous Assembly.
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  5. Ahh,
    So Konstable Els is alive and well - be afraid be very afraid!
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  6. Does it work though?
  7. You'd imagine not... surely getting other women with massive strap-ons to rape them would be far more effective at putting them off of women than having men do it? :?

    Plus, as this is the NAAFI, it'd be far better filming-wise, I reckon it's more marketable.
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  8. To put it in perspective a recent study in Johannesburg showed that about a third of men had committed rape (I think it was from a sample size of about 600). About a quarter of women admitted to having been raped.

    It's pretty endemic regardless of sexuality.

    And they wonder why AIDs is rife.

  9. No. I've tried it!
  10. As curer or curee?

  11. So they just carry on with a worthless process because they don't have the wit to collate results and have a proper peer-reviewed system of dyke management studies. Typical African ineptitude.
  12. Yuk! Some ropey blokey looking darkies (think Caster Semenya) getting the good news off a baying mob of other skinny emaciated sweaty darkies? Not me Chef.

    Although, I concede that there may be a very small market somehwere
  13. As 1/3 is bigger than 1/4 the men must have been shagging each other too. Does that still count?

    Or they were just bigging themselves up. Rape Walts.
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  14. Clearly there would be some sorting needed afterwards, between "lipstick" and "niche interest".
  15. Huh! I thought those animals only used rape as a method of transferring theirhard-earned AIDS to innocent White virgins, and stray dogs, thereby curing themselves of it.Africa is an utter toilet and needs vaporising