South African Leadership Polls

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by In-Limbo, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. In an attempt to count chickens before they're fully hatched, South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki is firmly on his way out.,,2229365,00.html

    So for pundits of the Zimbabwae crisis, this may be good news as Thabo has repeatedly failed to lean on Dr Death Mugs-baby's living next door, with the resultant mess leading his country to continue to absord the lions share of over 3 million displaced peoples.

    So who's tipped for replacing him, why this fine example of an upstanding fellow:

    What a great offering to humanity he'll turn out to be eh, with his unblemished *cough* record? I mean where do they get these guys from, the 'gentlemans club' down at the Prison?

    And another 'leftist leaning' facist wingnut too I bet, that'll please his old chum next door no end!

    Oh well :D
  2. Yeah, you're right - who the fcuk cares that the next leader of SA may well be a rapist, corrupt, commie zulu witchdoctor type with many, many 'wives' (well those that survive) and at least 18 children.

    <shrug> :)
  3. Thank god I'm out of there. Hello Zimbabwe Mk2.
  4. Seconded. Only spend a handful of years in SA but I saw it deteriorate REALLY fast.
  5. i care. I left the Army and the UK a week ago just to come back to ensure my family will be okay......

    I'm staying about 3 blocks from the presidents complex in cape town at the moment..... getting a little worried already... economic indicators being jumping up and down all day today.....

    And if today was anything to go by... with Zuma winning. This country could find itself quite firmly in the shit in the coming months.

    My money is on the buggers going to war with each other...


    Just remember me lads in a year or so... if i beg for a few pence to fly my family out..... ;)

    but until then... i'll be getting myself as much 'kit' as i can get my hands on in the next few months......

    all the best.
  6. If ever there was an African nightmare in the making, I can see it in Zuma. Most of the other noxious dictators on the continent started out with at least some credibility; this one is going to destroy South Africa.