South African Female 800m controversy

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by The_Seagull, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. :?
    I have been watching the athletics this evening after getting in from work and the commentators were talking about the issues surrounding South African female athlete Caster Semeny.

    Well is she, in fact a she?

    If she's not is it fair?

    Have a gander at this video and decide.

    see video at 58secs and then at 2.55 to 3.10 (pay particular attention to 3.02 onwards)

    and this one

    The section of video on the BBC TV coverage is far more "revealing".
  2. tough one to call!!!

    but sounds and looks like a bloke to me!! 8O
  3. He would be the best looking bird in the sportsmans.
  4. damm!! i thought i had seen her/him before

    is it grace!?? looking well !??
  5. It's a dude without any doubt.
  6. That thing is uglier than a baboons arse and I wouldn't shag it even if it was female.
  7. The thing is that she/he does look very much different from all the other girls on the track,most of them still have a very much recognisable female shape under all that training.....

    Of course it might just be that she is female,but a complete swamp donkey that fell out of the ugly tree....and not only got hit by all the branches on the way down....but got over dosed on steroids and testosterone at every flat-shovel smack to the face as well.
  8. She does have feminine features. There is a possibility that she may have XXY chromosomes, which means that she may genetically be female, but has male characteristics. Dont be too quick to judge her.
  9. Looks and runs like a bloke. It's all in the chromosomes as I've pointed out to Arrse's own "Cleopatra" a number of times.
  10. Bolloxz, its a bloke! Might have no balls now, but sure did when he was born...
  11. Looks like a bloke to me. More to the point I would not like too bump into it on a dark night!!!!!!!!!
  12. For a moment I thought we were going back to the bare foot runner Zola Bud. Anyone remember Decker Slaney?
  13. I don't know what the worlds coming to, when I was a youngster it was easy; men had dicks and women had a lumpy jumper and a front bottom.
  14. Male or female - I definitely would not! I might if I was using Bliar's!