South African citizen wanting to join the British army.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MTheron, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. I'm a 21 y/o South African citizen, and I've been living here my whole life. I would really like to join the British army, but I heard about an anti mercenary law that the government passed, making it illegal for South African citizens to fight for foreign armed forces. I AM eligible to apply online for the British army, and I have read through the entire British army website, but is it legal for me as a South African to enlist? I also heard that if you have served, you can be arrested and charged when you go back to South Africa. Obviously that is not what I want. I also heard that you have to revoke your RSA citizenship if you serve. So I guess there are 2 options (IF I even make it into the army):
    -Serve and get arrested when I come back to South Africa.
    -Serve, and SOMEHOW become a British citizen after I served, and stay in the UK, so I don't have to come back to SA.

    I would really appreciate advice from someone with a legal background (preferably someone who knows about the anti mercenary bill) AND someone who knows about the recruiting process for a person in my position.


    Thank You.

    Looks like you have to apply from permission from the ZA government to enlist.

    However, go see a lawyer.
  3. hi there,

    im also in the same boat as you. im really keen to join the british army. im 22 and been in this country my whole life too. been looking for about 2weeks on who to talk to about recieving permission to join, and i have had no success. if you get any info on this and who to contact could you please forward it to me

    Joining The Army - British Army Website

    i found the above site pretty useful on some of the matter. theres an online app that you can fill in and take about 5 min to reg to the site and the app goes into quite some detail with the question that they ask. as well you also need a sponsor when you go up for the British to contact and youll need to get to the UK for a 6-10 weeks as they need to interview you and all do fitness test and all.

  4. Mate i would advise you to remove your personal email address from your post and use the PM function available on the site. PERSEC and all that
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  5. Back in 1996, I knew a South African doorman in Wolverhampton who ended up joining our coppers. I dont know if he revoked his SA citizenship or how long he had lived here though.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I suppose its all about choice, do you want to go back to ZA in 22 years time? If you like the job you could end up staying longer unless another round of redundancies hits.
    I'm all for foreingers serving, I'd rather a volunteer defending this country than some last hope no choice chav whos only option was court and borstal. (I remember those lads).
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    We started to look at this a few years ago but I didn't get to the bottom of it before I left.

    See thread here

    The original legislation was aimed at people working in Iraq/Afghanistan as civilians but of course it also hammered those serving in UK forces

    I think best idea is to check with your embassy to find out exactly where the legislation sits now and its impact on you if you did chose to join UK Forces.

    I am quite sure they will be used to answering the question.

    Best of luck
  8. Thanks for your interest and replies.I'm going to see a lawyer today and listen to what he has to say about the matter. I will definitely send you an e-mail about everything I found out Bradray, my cousin who is living in London will be going to the recruiter and find out as much as he can, and I will make an appointment with the British High commission and talk to someone, who knows more about the matter, in person.Thanks again!!
  9. i will greatly appreciate MTheron hope to hear from you soon about it.
  10. There
    seems to me there are a few guys that wants the same kind ofinformation, so far you guys helped a lot thanks. I am one of those kids thatnever stopped dreaming of being a soldier . I am 22 with a degree and a south Africanand Canadian commercial fixed wing pilot license, i have from a boat licence toa first aid course certificate, but have some trouble finding a job in any ofthose fields . The other problem that Ihave is that I have to return to SA every year to do recurrent training not tolose my licences. so giving up my passport is a bit difficult in thedepartment, or not being able to return without facing charges the bigger one?Is it possible to get permission to serve In the British Forces ?
    Any advice or information would be highly regarded!
  11. I'm a south African citizen and I am currently serving as far as I am aware the 'bill' that you have heard of is only a proposed idea that came about some years ago.while I was in basic I was issued with telephone numbers in case I was in south Africa and there was an which case I believe the British embassy would deal with any issues.Apart from that there is nothing in your passport to say that you are serving and the British army doesn't take away any of your documents.
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  12. Does anyone have any information regarding the sponsorship a foreiner needs and the min. money you need in your account before going to the uk? I am a South African and it is my lifelong dream to join the army. I don't know what way to turn anymore... It is killing me not living out my dream!!!! I dont know anyone in the uk and have no idea on what to do next... PLEASE HELP!!!!
  13. If you want an EU passport and citizenship you should consider the FFL , they are not that interested in your background unless you are wanted by interpol ,you just need to be fit and of average inteligence , just turn up fit (including good teeth) with ID and you stand a fair chance of getting in, learning some French would also help but not essential ,

    French Foreign Legion - Recruiting
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  14. As for the sponsor this is the info i have received:

    You MUST have a UK sponsor, who knows you and is willing to sponsor you. We will be contacting them for confirmation before your application can proceed.
    ‘You are required to have a person in the UK who knows you and is willing to act as your sponsor and be a point of contact whilst you are completing the application process in the UK . You must provide your sponsors full name and address. An e-mail address and/or telephone number will not be sufficient. You do not have to be accommodated by your sponsor, however, if your sponsor is not accommodating you, you must provide an address of where you will be staying for the duration, you must travel to the UK with sufficient money to cover your food, travel and accommodation for the duration of your application. Current guidelines recommend that you have at least £500 per month and be prepared to accommodate yourself for at least 4-6 months. This is merely a guideline; there is no guarantee that you will be enlisted; we cannot always foresee the issues that can cause delays. You should be aware that we will contact your sponsor at some stage during your application process; they will have 4 weeks in which to reply to our letter.

    So if you don't know anyone in the UK that would be a problem.

    I plan to start the application process early next year, so will give whatever info i know and learn on the way.
  15. I'm flying over on the 19th of January and visiting a careers office on the 21st. Not sure if it's the best time to go though, since intake is on the 6th and 19th, but i've waited long enough now. If it's any help, i'm taking +- 35k for living costs. I'm going to stay at my cousin who is my sponsor. As syk0t1k said, you must have someone who is willing to act as a sponsor who is at least a permanent resident in the UK.