South Africa v England Test Match Thread

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by slipperman, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. England just got out of jail this afternoon, hanging on by their proverbials after a dramatic collapse after tea today.
    Some fantastic incidents in this match - but the most bizarre of the lot was Kevin Pietersen running himself out when looking good for another century - what goes on in his head at times?
    Plus points for England have to be Graham Swann, Jimmy Anderson and KP (before his run out), Jonathon Trott and Graham Onions. Concerns, as ever about Alistair Cook and Ian Bell.
    Looks set up to be a great series as the teams are very close in ability.
    So much for me trying to grow my finger nails back over the Christmas break!
  2. I'm inclined to give Cook the benefit of the doubt at the moment. Bell however needs to go ASAP.
  3. I suppose we will have to - I don't think there is another opener on the tour? He didn't look good today though.
  4. Any other Cricketers out there?!
    Looks like England have the upper hand in this test, thanks to an excellent batting display today (Cook and Bell included!).
    Weather permitting, we should be aiming to bat until tea tomorrow and putting S Africa in about 200+ behind.
  5. Still can't see any other result than a draw, though
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Indeed, I'm in SA at the moment and the locals are a bit miffed we had such a comeback yesterday and today. :D
  7. Didn't they do well today ? Cook 118 and Bell 55 not out !
  8. Bell reaches his hundred. And that's why I'm not a cricket selector...............
  9. box-of-frogs: Bell reaches his hundred. And that's why I'm not a cricket selector...............

    Took the words out of my mouth! Great finish to the day with the Saffers 6 wickets down and staring defeat in the face. Swann and Broad were excellent, but there was some pretty dire shot selections by the home side! Looks like England will deservedly go 1 up and it has the potential to be a great series as the teams are pretty well matched.

    Ord-Sgt I am very envious - are you actually at the match (part of the Barmy Army perhaps?!) , or elsewhere in the country?
  10. Good job I'm not a bookie. Come on England!
  11. Twas great to sit in front of the box, in my bathrobe, balls swinging in the breeze, watching today's play.

    Bell was fantastic and also took a great catch.

    Swanny has to be the best spinner in world cricket at the moment
  12. Can't watch tomorrow's play as I'll be in the car all morning. Gutted! Hopefully the weather will be ok so we can wrap the last 4 wickets up quickly.
  13. Its on radio 4 long wave
  14. Firstly, I hope you're enjoying the weather in SA .. I'm jealous, to say the least.

    Just to add my irrelevant 2p here, I would say that England shouldn't underestimate the lower order batsmen in the team. Boucher is pretty good, when he needs to be, and we've been known to bounce back under pressure. I'm hoping that SA can do something right tomorrow ....

    Not to take anything away from how superbly England have played though. It's been impressive to watch. :D
  15. Well, you wouldn't bet against England to fcuk up even the most advantageous of positions, but even so ....

    There are 4 wickets left to take, and the first of the bowlers (Morkel) is already at the crease. Even if Boucher is able to bat all day at one end, and even if England are at their ineffectual worst, it is hard to see anything other than an England win at this stage.