South Africa Land reform

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. Great, no need to buy it.

    Just rob it then dish it out to people who do not know how to farm/ look after the land!

    great idea
  2. Sorry , where does it say that?
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    It is easy to assume (and I dearly hope that the assumption is wrong) that they will follow the succesful model pioneered by Mugabe.

    Now everyone has 3 acres of land nobody in Zimbabwe is starving.
  4. Ahh! This smacks of yet another shot at workers collective farming. The recent scheme encouraging current (white) farmers to voluntarily sell their farms has not produced the desired results (80% of farm land owned by 10% of the population) only 4% of farmers went for it. So the SA government has decided to embark on the Mugabe-esque plan to confiscate the land and distribute it to the poor despite the SA Constitution guaranteeing property rights.
    Here we go again, and the West will go along with it for fear of seeing the Chinese navy in Simonstown.
  5. Is there any way that the west could discourage this without being branded?
  6. No;Black Africans will take every opportunity to portray themselves as victims? Apartheid, although reprehensible was and is, as nothing compared to the behaviour displayed by African Nation States.
  7. I gave up with Africa more years ago then I care to think of.
    OK so Honkey was wrong and should never have tried to drag the continent into the modern world.
    Let them return to nature, their Presidents for life followed by his son and nay sweat Jonny China man will give them all the aid and support they need.
  8. One problem is that quite a lot of black land in South Africa was grabbed by the Apartheid government within living memory as a means of controling the blacks and then sold on to white farmers. Therefore there are blacks who remember farming on land that they used to own AND whites who bought the land reasonably legitimately. Not exactly an easy situation to rectify, particularly when the new government doesn't want to risk their own pockets by using government money to buy the whites out at a market price.
  9. So any bets on how long it will take before the UN/Aid agencies will have to start sending food/cash to even more starving Africans?
  10. Not as silly as it sounds, even for Africa. Only five years ago Zim was leading RSA in per-capita wealth; it took that long for the country to descend into the pit it's in now. The unthinkable certainly can happen. It would only take an idiot President who thinks that AIDS is caused by butterfly bites or something.
  11. Wasn't meant to be silly, cynical maybe. Take a look at the history of almost any sub-saharan nation and the picture is the same.

    Independence followed by a normally quite short period of peace which descends into inter tribal/religious warfare followed by some "President for life/Emperor" or just total nepotism for the leaders family/tribe/supporters which is then swiftly followed by diesease starvation and death for huge swathes of the population.

    I would not be in the least surprised is SA follows exactly the same route over the next 10 years or so..
  12. And congratulations to the ANC for turning SA into the car-jacking capital of the world. Not to mention rape and murder, which are also at record levels.
    A South African mate summed it up.
    "There is only one rule in Africa: the strongest tribe rules."