South Africa gone down the Zimbabwe route.

Really ?
I've bought commercial tong in pubs and bars and can't say I've noticed.
Which makes are full of sugar ?
Some of them have sugar. Taki's and one or two of the other packaged ones. Not as much as los Yanquis, but you can still taste it.
It's paradise, your name is Adam and you walk around all day with your danglies swinging free in the breeze, you dorrty bugger.
I do that already when herself has buggered off into town. Just have to watch out for the poison ivy is all.
How many White Zimbabweans are left in Zimbabwe now? I have read about different figures ranging from 20,000 to 40,000.
Wikipedia says;
"The white population of Zimbabwe reached a peak of about 296,000 in 1975, representing just over 8% of the population. It fell to around 120,000 in 1999 and to less than 50,000 in 2002.[8] The white population of Zimbabwe was listed as 28,732 in the 2012 census.[1]"
Your commercially made stuff has quite a fair bit of sugar in it to appeal to the folks that don't know how to make it or might be trying it for the first time so spare me the BS. It isn't any better or any healthier than the commercially made $hite they make here.

I wouldn't give either to any of my dogs let alone eat it myself.
It does? Must sell only in America.

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