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South Africa gone down the Zimbabwe route.

Would that be the Bheki Cele who wants to take all firearms from private ownership and ensure there's no way to protect oneself from the government and other criminals ?
Could be, could be...
Definitely the Bheki Cele who proposed, during lockdown, that people smoking would be interrogated as to where they got their cigarettes.

and also :
Cele was dismissed as national police chief in June, 2012. "I have decided to release General Cele from his duties," Zuma told reporters in Pretoria.

He referred to the board of inquiry mandated to establish whether Cele acted corruptly, dishonestly, or with an undeclared conflict of interest in relation to two police lease deals signed with business tycoon Roux Shabangu—one for a building in Pretoria, another for a building in Durban.

In January 2014, he attempted to delay the South African Public Protector's report on wasteful expenditure at Nkandla - President Jacob Zuma's private homestead.
It is a problem in many places, the UK being a perfect example of the idea that recidivists who think the judicial system laughable and who will clearly carry on victimising others with impunity should be given chance after chance as that is what civilised societies do.

I would say it is what stupid societies do, or at least those where the actual victims are left to be eaten by the wolves whilst the do gooders who run the show make sure they live in wolf free areas. And the do gooders seem genuinely puzzled when voters (with their one chance to make a statement on public affairs) are voting for the so called strong man law and order types, sadly they too are wolves.

He will be on first name terms with most of the local coppers as well as the screws at his local prison. Probably knew the chief super when he was a probationary copper on his first beat. I bet he has been filled in by many of his victims, or their more robust relatives and/or friends. Also will have been beat up by higher ups in the criminal classes for letting them down in one way or another.
Please tell me this creature has never managed to breed, or at least they got away from him early in life.
In different societies in other parts of the world, he would be kept busy in the salt mines, or collective farm.
Not my words but good words…

A guy I know and respect recently called for calm and consideration following these recent development in this saga. I agree with him, and I will explain why below. But he also dropped the age old libtard bumper sticker "There are no winners in a war. Ever.". So let me just start by stating that that is one of the most idiotic, uneducated and naïve statements. Ever.

And if you do not agree with me? Crack a fucking book.

So why do I support a call for calm and consideration?

The ANC has been haemorrhaging support over the last few years. And believe me, they have noticed it. This loss of support has gotten a massive push lately by their inept, ideologically driven and criminal handling of the Covid pandemic. Not to mention a growing awareness of the damage done by their corruption among their grassroots supporters who are realizing they are never going to "get a taste" of the action. The ANC leadership has noted this too. They are absolutely aware that their support is waning, and that their losing an election in the foreseeable future may be a possibility.

So what will they do to fight this?

Here you have to remind yourself that the ANC has no interest in the wellbeing of this country, but it has an absolute and unnegotiable interest in staying in power. Or in other words, the ANC has no problem with the country being burned to the ground, as long as they remain in power.

To remain in power indefinitely, they know they have to do four things. And instead of addressing these four things in ideological and abstract terms, I am going to just cut to the chase and tell you exactly what they are.

1) They have to co-opt the armed forces and turn them into a tool that will do their bidding without question. This process is sadly well underway. The SAPS is now completely a political enforcement agency, with very little regard for anything else. Since it is a political agency in the mould of the ANC, it is also mostly immoral and criminal. It was crystal clear during the last protest in Senekal that the SAPS were under instructions to start a fight. Even if this meant running down children with an armoured vehicle (which they tried). The behaviour of the SAPS during the past few months at protests by minority groups against government excesses speak for themselves. And during this same period, the government has gotten the SAPS to easily and willingly terrorize and suppress South African civilians. Remember the videos of multiple police vehicles descending on houses to arrest and criminalise people for mowing their lawns? Those incidents, and hundreds of thousands like them, showed the police's willingness to abandon all pretence of duty, and instead act wholly and without pause purely on political instruction. During this last week we finally went back into the era where people are being arrested for expressing their political beliefs, and detained at undisclosed locations. One could write books full discussing this point and the others, but for the sake of brevity, let us leave it at that.

2) Disarm the population. This process is also sadly well underway. The founding fathers of the world's most successful democracy knew the value of an armed population. We easily get lulled into forgetting that, especially in countries that are stable and peaceful (for now). But we forget this at the peril of our children. A disarmed population is an open invitation to the disregard of the judiciary, and the absolute suppression of the press. These are supposedly the other two pillars that a free country stands on. And what we forget is that, to destroy those, you do not need to attack the judiciary system, nor do you have to fight the press. All you have to do is render the civilian population defenceless. After that, you can pretty much do as you like. Or to put it in simpler terms: Disarm the population, and you do not HAVE to win any more elections. Simple as that.

3) Appear to be tackling tough issues that are eroding support. In SA, this is corruption. And what we have seen recently is a public attempt to APPEAR to be tackling it. What it really is, is the prosecution of some lackeys and cut outs, and (note this!) only in a very narrowly focused field (for example PPE tenders recently). This will slow down the erosion of support, while, in the big picture, not really impacting the big players in the least.

4) Start a war. This is the oldest trick in the book. In our case though, and in the politics of our time and geography, there is not much of a chance of that. A war against an outside enemy would unify us and would, as always, bring support for a government, but no such opportunities are on the table. So it has to be an inner war. Or a civil one if you will. Where the "aggressor" is an invented group within the country, and the support base of the party is then set against them. This works pretty well. It does lead mostly to substantial damage to a country, but as I stated above, remember the ANC has NO interest in the country, only in STAYING IN POWER. The natural targeted minority group for the ANC are simply white people. They know if they can set things up so that white people START a war, their loss of support to disillusionment, radicalisation and education will be halted. They also know that if they can hang onto power through such a war, then through their increased total control of the SAPS and SANDF, and the laws they can enact during it, they will them be able stay in power forever. Of course the best way to ensure that they do stay in power and do not lose such a war, is to first completely or at least partially disarm civilians. And as I mentioned before, this process has been underway for twenty years.

So, if you are heading down to any protest, be aware of this. Be very awake to the fact that the government is going to try to use you to throw the first punch. Because once that punch is thrown by you, there is no limit to what they get to do in retaliation. See what they did to your country on the basis of a virus with a 99% plus survival rate? And they were not even really scared of that. They are however, at the core, scared to death of the likes of you. And they would like nothing better than for you to give them an excuse to fight from a moral high ground. And if there has to be a fight in this country, believe me, that high ground is going to be important.

Not to mention, allowing the government to provoke you into a fight, at a time and place of THEIR choosing, is... militarily at least ... let us say...fucked up.

So, before you do anything, if you are so inclined, then first recite Shepard's Prayer – "Dear Lord, please don't let me phucque up".

But whichever way you are inclined, DO also please say to yourself the Shepard Prayer, which is perhaps, at this moment in our history, highly relevant.
Have you heard of Mohamed Bouazizi (Tunisia) ?
20th Century Revolutions were usually financed and armed by a great power.
21st century, its a spark (your seeing it a little in Nigeria).. IF the authorities then mishandle things badly enough, then everything can spiral out of control very quickly and the security forces under the eyes of the world media, are somewhat constrained and are always the ones left holding the sh**y stick and when they're lose faith that is it.
I doubt any power will sponsor a revolution in SA, unless it was Malema's mob revolting (SWIDT?). That would be more palatable to the west than a white revolution, and would likely result in a damned good attempt at genocide of the minority.

Even if a white revolution succeeded, the liberal west would fall to their knees in a fit of tear soaked squealing until power was returned to the corrupt murderers and thugs they would prefer to have running destroying the country.
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I doubt any power will sponsor a revolution in SA, unless it was Malema's mob revolting (SWIDT?). That would be more palatable to the west than a white revolution, and would likely result in a damned good attempt at genocide of the minority.

Even if a white revolution succeeded, the liberal west would fall to their knees in a fit of tear soaked squealing until power was returned to the corrupt murderers and thugs they would prefer to be running destroying the country.
I don't think there will be any white revolution in SA, the white South Africans are just desperate to GTF out of there.
..And nothing gets said or done about it. Crickets and tumbleweeds.

Reverse the roles and the media would have a frothing coronary shit splattered meltdown.


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The Kiffness

The ANC's Tony Yengeni, made chairman of their Crime and Corruption Committee after being convicted of fraud, (the corruption charges dropped in a plea bargain,) called for David Scott (the singer above,) to be skinned alive.
Unsurprisingly not a murmur from the press.
You expected maybe chopped liver?

Seriously though... What did the liberal west think would happen when they insisted the piggy bank be handed over to a collection of corrupt thieves and thugs?




Daruis Guppy, wasn't he the old Etonian and former guest in one of Her Majesties establishments?
Went down for 5 years for conspiracy to commit fraud, theft and false accounting.


It sounds as though the Covid lock down is going to cause real problems in South Africa.
Would any of our resident Saffers care to say if the article provides a true reflection of events?

But: "Yet the mortality rate is 2.68 per cent, a minuscule number compared with how many will perish from the devastating effects of lockdown." is not true.
Many more folk died of Covid, but SA Gubberment has a long history of lying for the sake of it on Health issues, and the numbers just don't add up.
It is almost as if they think a pandemic death reflects badly on them.
Likewise, there is a social stigma to many illnesses. Covid, bizarrely, is one of them.
So folk don't die of HIV-Aids. It is always something else.

Edit to add: It wasn't helpful that millions earmarked and spent for PPE's was given to ANC cronies, who suddenly had the ability to supply the stuff in vast quantities.

The Special Investigating Unit is investigating two-thirds of all Covid-19 contracts in the country. This amounts to R10.5-billion of the total R15.6-billion spent between April and August, by 930 service providers with dodgy contracts. Provinces are responsible for most of the dubious spending, with Gauteng in the lead then the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

The companies which received tenders for a R1.2-billion Gauteng government project were chosen from a pre-approved list. The projects are still far from complete and may well end up being white elephants. The ICU field hospital programme is on the radar of the Special Investigating Unit, which the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development has cited as the reason for declining to answer important questions.

Former Gauteng Health MEC Bandile Masuku and suspended presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko have been sent to the ANC’s provincial disciplinary committee for their role in the awarding of controversial PPE contracts.
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