South Africa Crime & the World Cup

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mon_colonel, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. With 18,000 murders per year and sex offences ( including attacks on males ) up by 10%, I wonder how many our famous football hooligans will fare if they decide to kick off over in South Africa come the World Cup ?

    Crime and the World Cup
  2. Well the total will rise by double when the time the English fans arrive ;)
  3. Not if they've got any sense, they'll get f*cked in more ways than one :D
  4. chair and table throwing walts
  5. In fact f*ck it I hope they do kick off so I can see the fat tattooed beer bellied "Top Boys" on Sky News pleading for assistance from the British Embassy as they contemplate another night in a Jo'burg prison cell getting it up the hoop, I''d laugh my t1ts off.......still I can but hope
  6. I;ve stated it on other forums so I may as well state it here :

    World Cup 2010 will be more remembered for the murder , raping and mugging of the supporters than for the football . You'd be safer hosting the comp in Afghanistan
  7. I can't wait for your chavs to come down here, wannabes :D
  8. I'm with you FB. Want to see the look on their fat faces as the SA cops get stuck into them. Then they'll realise that the SA cops don't give a shiit about their "human rights".
  9. ... its not considered a good night out in Newcastle unless all of the above happens to you!