South Africa Crime & the World Cup

With 18,000 murders per year and sex offences ( including attacks on males ) up by 10%, I wonder how many our famous football hooligans will fare if they decide to kick off over in South Africa come the World Cup ?

Crime and the World Cup
johnboyzzz said:
Well the total will rise by double when the time the English fans arrive ;)
Not if they've got any sense, they'll get f*cked in more ways than one :D
In fact f*ck it I hope they do kick off so I can see the fat tattooed beer bellied "Top Boys" on Sky News pleading for assistance from the British Embassy as they contemplate another night in a Jo'burg prison cell getting it up the hoop, I''d laugh my t1ts off.......still I can but hope
I;ve stated it on other forums so I may as well state it here :

World Cup 2010 will be more remembered for the murder , raping and mugging of the supporters than for the football . You'd be safer hosting the comp in Afghanistan
I can't wait for your chavs to come down here, wannabes :D
futurebootie said:
I can't wait for your chavs to come down here, wannabes :D
I'm with you FB. Want to see the look on their fat faces as the SA cops get stuck into them. Then they'll realise that the SA cops don't give a shiit about their "human rights".
In Rustenburg, tipped to be the England squad's base, cases of sex crimes, assault, robbery with aggravating circumstances and kidnapping all increased on the previous year.
... its not considered a good night out in Newcastle unless all of the above happens to you!

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