South Africa Commission 1994 and Ramsgate Harbour

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Jul 25, 2013.

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    Para 3.3 So there appears to be some truth in these tales of VMO and mercenary activity against the Mandela regime.

    Two years after that report Searchlight published their story of the mercs throughporting for preparation in Thanet.

    Amongst the voluminous Shortt threads and messages someone mentioned apparent or would be IBA clients who called themselves "South Africa Scouts".

    South Africa Part I

    If I then consider the talented cartoons of Mr Edwards and who was using such cartoons (said to be original) to play pranks on Labour lady cllrs of Thanet Council. And at the material time. Blow me down if I don't end up suspecting that the prankster tory cllr was an associate of the cartoonist at a time the cartoonist was allegedly meeting mercs and painting a mural for Roger Spinnewijn and so on.

    When that cllr was cautioned by the tory group leader before the Chief Exec he allegedly boasted that he ran a mail intercept at Thanet Council !

    Holy shades of early day Leveson. But maybe the significance of that would be that was also about the time Kent Fraud Squad was still investigating the council. I wonder if they knew about the mail intercept matter ?

    What with them arresting the council leader at his home next to the 6th Thanet Gun range. (No charges)

    So I increasingly wonder if all this sort of paramilitary and merc shenanigans had been going on for some time. And whether in 1987 some enterprising fellow set up his TA colleagues to be arrested and take the potential heat off what was really going on.

    Because the fellow who dobbed in his TA military fantasist dupe mates arrested for paramilitary training at Broad Oak 1987 ... went on to become a prankster tory cllr.

    The reason I am confident Kent Police f-cked up is the Wednesbury Principle. No one in their right mind would ignore sabotage for which there was a prima facie case. Not when it effects biological war agent containment and nuclear emergency shut downs.

    The prankster's associate the alleged saboteur. Kent Police had just got to be off their trolley.

    The alleged saboteur would have been 65 last year. As far as I know he never lost clearance to work on nuclear sites, Scotland Yard and so on.
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  6. BounceBanana, what I really want to know is there any truth in the rumour about Kent Police being involved at Deepcut in '95 and '02?
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  8. This post is less than coherent.

    Can the OP please state his point more clearly?
  9. No - obviously.

    The clue was at top left where you see the word "BounceBanana"
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  10. Y'know... I saw the thread title and somehow knew who the author was. The Force in me is indeed strong.
  11. Sucks to be you, I got as far as Para 3.3 and then my eyes involuntarily crossed.
  12. There's that other thread floating around at the moment "How to track an IP address" or similar, is it possible we could get BounceBanana sectioned?

    Infinite number of monkeys and an infinite number of ******* typewriters indeed.........
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  14. So where are pages 26 to 40 of the report you linked to? Those deal with the ANC's involvement in alleged atrocities and court cases dealt with. Or are the ANC and Thanet/Kent police in cahoots?

    Do you know that Gouda cheese is known as Sweetmilk in South Africa?
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