South Africa a Permanent seat on Security Council

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shudder, Sep 16, 2005.

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  1. Yes, Africa deserves a say in world issues

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  2. Yes, but not the right to Veto

  3. No, maybe once they have proven themselves

  4. No, might as well give Uncle Bob his Veto!

  5. Bloody hell who cares, we all have a go at who we like, regardless what the UN thinks

  1. Has Mbeki got the clap as well as Uncle Bob in Zim?

    What the hell is he thinking?

    I am too lost for words to even try mount an educated debate..... All I can say, is the day some lunatic like Mbeki is allowed to veto UN Security Council votes then I'll give up my dream of seeing the British Empire in its full glory again. In fact why don't we just go there and colonise south africa and zim and while we at it, just take Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique. That way we have a huge part of Africa for crops/ food/ tobacco. We can build an Olympic Village or even a big hospital to help the aids infected people ( or a 100km by 50km jail) in Lesotho and hey presto... a perfect country. We could even ship out all the bad lads in Britain to the jail... we'd have to call it Austrafica though.....

    apologies for the rant.
  2. Time for Johns predudices to surface again.
    I have said before Africa is a sick joke, stuck in tribalism, a joke partly because we started the process of dragging them into the modern world and then just gave up when the going got rough.
    India says it is a world power but it aint. Just a source of cheap labour who can't solve it's Packistan problem and who's internal devisions become more apparent each year.
  3. shudder

    Leave Africa alone.We need it to feel good about our past mistakes.Especially since we divvied it up to suit our egos in the name of civilisation.
  4. "we divvied it up to suit our egos in the name of civilisation"
    True WE did, but WE never completed the job of training their civil governments.
    But The WE US the Army did our job and trained their dictators to be.