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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sgnsty, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Im due on my LFTT course in Brecon soon and have been advised to get hold of some plastic RDA templates off the net. Any ideas where the best place is to get them?
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Bad advice! Unless they have changed the course programme, you will still have to mark and cut your own out in the classroom under the watchful eye of the DS.

    It is all about understanding the principles, and being able to use Pam 21 to produce your own when required, doncha know! :D
  3. Sadly, The_Duke is entirely right.

    I look back on the hours I spent in a classroom in Warminster making a plastic template as among the worst of my time in the Army. Warm, dry, clean, not tired... how can something so promising have been so morale-sapping?

    Thanks to SASC blokes in Jordan & Iraq, and set range templates in the UK I have never been called upon to use my template.

    Which is a mercy, as I've no idea where the bloody thing is and since I know for a fact it was made by a cack-handed spastic, and accepted by a Csgt who faced either signing it off & getting home before midnight or watching me scream with frustration and cut more ribbons of skin from my fingers with a scalpel, quite frankly if it were used I reckon thousands would die.

    Enjoy the course. But remember that when it comes to it you need to make friends with the Ops Offr or - far worse - cuddle up to an SASC Pam-Nazi.

    But I prefer to give the blokes their magazines & point them in the right direction with strict instructions not to shoot anyone. Or if they do, to make sure the second person they shoot is themselves!


    P.S. To any SASC blokes, just in case you don't have a sense of humour, and you rarely seem to, of course the above is a joke - I always dutifully produce the full kilo of paperwork. And then usually watch it get thrown out of the window as the OC / CO look with disgust at the range staff doing the Jedi-hand-590 over firers, wander over and say "Don't be a poof, you can bring that down to two fingers easily." :D
  4. Oh the joys,

    i blame RDA templates on my serious case of the rage. I know some ranges haveconverted to fixed arcs but you still have to make them by hand as some ranges use 1:25000 maps and you will be required to know how to build new templates for that scale.

    The main reason being no one really wants to take ultimate responsibility for a range which they will not be conducting. The Buck stops with the RCO and that includes setting up the arcs in accordance with standing orders.