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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by viceroy, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. I was wondering if there is a source for posh, high end poppies rather than the cheep and cheerless sort that are making the rounds each year. I am quite happy to make a significant contribution for nice poppy, I have seen them on folks in previous years, any idea where they could be sourced from around London? There is a lot of awful looking crap about, so its this sort of thing I am after:

  2. That's ******* ugly.

    Last year the RBL released a ltd edition swarovski poppy. They sold out within days, and were being sold on ebay for ridiculous prices.
  3. Cheers, I am known to have bad taste, and your contribution helps me how? I have seen the Swarovski and it is a bit bling.
  4. The RBL have a range of brooches for sale. Anything on this link of interest?

    Poppy Shop Home page
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  5. Try the RBL web site or eBay. Not all of the eBAy ones are quite so garish as the Swarovski ones & contributions to forces charities are added to the price.
  6. So an Austrian company manufactured Remembrance Poppies for the RBL? Is this the same Austria that Britain declared war on on 12 August 1914? The very same war from which the Remembrance Poppy originated. Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs. Still, we're all muckers now...
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  7. Extending that chain of thought a little bit, I do hope there are no visitors to this site who are so crass as to drive a German or Japanese car..........
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  8. £27 + £3 delivery

    RBL Poppy.jpg
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Speaking purely for myself, I see nothing wrong with the "cheap and cheerless" sort that you mention. I buy mine each year (often several as I keep losing them :) ) and wear it with pride.

    I don't see it as cheap and cheerless, rather a good reminder of what it is all about. These poppies are made by injured ex-servicemen and women in the UK by the two organisations RBL and RBL (Scotland). My preference is to buy these 'cheap and cheerless' ones each year as my part of remembrance rather than buy a foreign bit of bling which will be dragged out of the cupboard for a couple of weeks each year.

    Considering that this 'posh' poppy will presumeably last for years, surely that makes it cheaper than the paper option?

    As for 'cheap' well that depends on how much you drop in the tin for each one!
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  10. Exactly.

  11. ...says our GERMAN resident!
  12. Aye to that Auld-Yin
  13. There is a difference...
  14. You chose to be selective about quoting me. Where do I say "cheaper" is desired? I have also said that I would make a "significant contribution" (over and above the price of the Brooch), as I always do. Rest assured, I still do my bit and can wear a (-preferably UK made) brooch too. The Swarovskis were of Czech origin btw.
  15. 'Appen as mebbe, but it were a long time ago, and they were still the baddies even then. When I was resident in Innsbruck they were just up the road from me.