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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. I was just wondering if anybody knew of a cheap source for scrap tin, scrap 60/40 solder or similar.

    In the near future I am looking at casting up some harder bullets for some faster loads, and Linotype is almost impossible to get these days so I am looking at a 1:20 tin: lead mix and forgetting about the antimony entirely.

    The best I have found so far is about 18 euros per kilo for new 60/40 solder, which is a bit dear for 600 g of tin, which would make about 12.5 kg of casting alloy, good for around 1200 bullets. Basically it would double my bullet cost!
  2. scrap yards have a lot of metal knocking about try there
  3. Tried that over here (Holland) - can't sell it to individuals :( Maybe I'll try Blackbush Metals (up the hill from Gibraltar Baracks) when I'm in the UK next
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Set yourself up as a limited company, explain to cloggy scrappies that you need the stuff in small amounts ie 20 - 30 kilos for trials of a new alloy and that a big order may follow!
    Greed normally works.
  5. Go as a representative of the EPO shooting club as supposed to an "independent" buyer! :wink:
  6. Have you considered wheel balancing weights? Not sure about the alloy ratio but recall them from the Lee handbook.

    Any tyre dealer would have buckets of them for the asking.
  7. We found out that the wheel weights now include zinc here in Clogland...
  8. ... for "include", read "are exclusively consituted of" :(

    Pots, would need to be registered at the KvK as a stichting/vereniging. BTW issues...
  9. why on earth cant metal be sold to an individual????
  10. Cos you might make bullets out of it and kill stuff, or make fishing weights out of it and dickie birds could swallow it. The flip side is, I suppose you don't get opportunistic Pikeys flogging a load of knocked off copper if individuals can't deal scrap. The problem with that is, it presumes all scrap dealers are honourable chaps with a sense of fair play and decency.
  11. it's a VAT administrative issue which does not apply to lead
  12. If you are close to the German border, then you could try a German scrappy, that's where I get my lead and tin now. Can't remember the prices, but it was definately worth while.
  13. unfortunately I'm not close to Germany -- I can see the sea from my office window!
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Just got a load from this guy:

    Its not homemade, its high quality produced by "Westphaliazinn" on each ingot and good to go without mixing.

    Das Blei hat eine Härte von 21 Brinell (21 Brinell hardness)

    Die Bleilegierung besteht aus 84 % Blei (lead), 12% Antimon und 4 % Zinn (tin).
  15. Vielen Dank, aber dass ist doch teuer!

    And they will only send within Germany...

    last time I bought scrap lead (mostly roofing, but some plumbing and linotype in there) I paid eur1.10/kg.