Sounds like the Corps is in Disarray?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Op2death, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. Have just hear from a good man in the Corps Ivory Towers that the Corps is in complete disarray...Full recruited (apparently), Manning Control Points being pushed and even talk of VEng being axed!!! Smells of 'Options for Change', round two?
  2. I believe we will see manning control points again. If you cannot contribute to ops, then you need to be watch out. With 2000 biffs in a Corps of 8500, something has to give. Why should the FE guys and gals take up the slack?

    Fully recruited is one thing, having competent soldiers in the pinchpoint trades is another.

    Redundancy will be a big expensive no-no, especially when you can just tip biffs out on their arses.

    First I've heard of VEng being axed, if it does happen I'm sure it won't be a kneejerk reaction, made with little thought for the consequences or the future. :roll:
  3. It doesn't have to be binned, as such. They can just be very selective of who gets it.
  4. It's the younsters in REME that are dragging the corps down. Maybe controversial, but I think a cull of juniors who are permanently dowgraded is the way forward. Also, I'm sick of young REME tradespersons complaining about how bad the corps is. With today's full manning, they are able to get away and do almost anything. For example, in 2000 I was 1 of 2 technicians looking after 14 tanks. Today, there are 7 technicians doing the same job.
  5. Yep totally agree, get rid of the lazy downgraded cnuts, I'm not talking about the guys with genuine injuries but the fat tossers who go from unit to unit getting the "fabloned" biff chits for the dodgy ankle/back/leg or what ever the excuse is these days, :twisted:

    Edited for mongness.
  6. I signed off ages ago ;)
  7. Haha Smudge your a cnut, :wink:
  8. fully recruited but not fully manned...

    Would you rather have a 10 Cpl VM who may be a bit of a knacker, but who knows his trade inside out who can teach those below him the trade or a 5 min wonder who plays footie all the time or works in the gym and hasnt spun spanners in an age.

    Both can deploy, once knacker gets a fit to deploy chit.

    Who would you take?
  9. An obvious answer, but there are to many "knackers" who use it as a ticket not to deploy, obviously I'd take any bloke unfit or otherwise who's willing to deploy but you have to admit there are some right lazy cnuts in the Corps.

    Edited to add, and you know not all downgraded blokes with a fit to deploy chit can deploy outside the wire.
  10. i know but in that case the wire scenario, working, at a fob spannering all day no need to go outside. A point I am trying to make if your Corps goes down the route of segregating these men who through no fault of their own have been injured whilst serving the crown, do you not think one or two discrimination cases may rear its head?

    A full on expose by the Sun or other tabloid press by a soldier discriminated against thru injury etc, MCP or redundancy may not be the answer, natural wastage and 24 year service may be a better solution
  11. That is exactly what they are up to. You guys now have to board for VEng after handing in the three page proforma detailing how biffy you are, when was your last Op Tour, BFT, CFT, what the Doc thinks of you etc etc.
    Makes sense really, give VEng to a Biff, fit blokes back to back tour.
    Whats wrong with manning control points? You can all get to ASM now without PAABing it up, if you are not where you should be by a certain time, see ya!
    Are we in front of the curve at RSW? Have our guys had an insight into what may have to be done across the rest of the Army early? The RLC have still got one year in Rank timelines when we have our new structure because of VEng , someone is wrong lets hope it isn't our lot eh.
    The Corps is a very different beast to the one i joined thats for sure and i would walk next week if Options for Change 2 was recruiting eedjits again.
    My naivety in thinking the Corps cared as much about me as I once did about it has long since fizzled out.
  12. I'm sure you guys see all the time...There's very little incentive for the fit soldiers to stay fit, when all around them are the downgraded, rarely doing Ops, Duties, doing their own PT when they feel like it and rarely getting dicked out of the block for last tasks...Its beyond a joke!
    We've got loads of downgraded here, and they are almost treated like royalty with so many welfare personnel running after them...Its sickening!
    We've got one guy here who runs like the wind on a gym running machine, day-in day-out but because of his golden sick chit, he's not insured to run in a squad...WTF, why is he allowed to work then?
  13. Totally agree I think the Corps would be on very dodgy ground, the Meedja would have a field day, however some Inf Battalions are going down that very route (or so I'm led to believe) a brave decision maybe but then it would make the knackers sit up and listen, maybe even think about getting upgraded. I totally accept guys get injured through no fault of their own, obviously but maybe a kick up the arrse is needed and the threat of discharge could be it. Look at how many blokes go running (no pun intended) for the Med Ctr when the threat of deployment comes around, probably isn't that many in the great scheme of things but as you said "fully recruited but not fully manned" and it only takes a few non-deployable tradesmen to throw a spanner in the works (pun intended).

    A toughie me thinks. :roll:
  14. Nice sentiments...However 95% of the lazy buggers here have injured themselves by lifting up their toolbox when it didn't suit them!!!
  15. You are of course totally correct, it's a nightmare why can this be allowed to happen? possibly weak CoC IMO.