Sounds like another scam!

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by pigdog, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. I am currently selling a bike on auto trader. I have been contacted by an Italian who is unable to come to see the bike but is prepaired to give me an extra 100 euros to secure it. Just warning anyone selling on Bike Trader to beware.
  2. How is he proposing to pay? If he is just giving you 100 to secure it then take his money. Dont part with the bike until you have payment in full. Where's the problem?
  3. Is he an Italian with a Nigerian sounding name? Don't take any money off him! Especially if it's £7 million
  4. Remember...if he pays by cheque, there is a risk that the cheque is recalled AFTER your bank thinks its cleared. Been on TV loads of times...well known trick.
  5. Due to exchange rates at the moment, UK bikes look good to European buyers so this could be perfectly genuine. Of course you should be suspicious, particularly if it is a valuable bike but dont go overboard.

    Just be wary of cheques that appear to clear only for the cash to dissapear again a few days later!
  6. I emailed him about cheques been cancelled after a number of days (as a scam) and said cash only, he hasn't replied............ I presumed it was a scam, thats why I posted the warning. Shame he didn't offer the 7 million. Ha.
  7. Hey big boy, I give you 7 million for bike. What's her name? :D
  8. To be fair the Euro exchange rates make UK bikes a good deal to european buyers.
    I sold her indoors GSXR750 on Ebay a month or two ago (yes she knew I was selling it!) and there was keen interest from Germany, it sold to a Pole in the end who intended totake it back to Poland with him.
    My ZX12R went to Ayrshire, its rety common for bikes to be bought from buyers a long way off.
  9. Ayrshire isn't actually in Eastern europe. They just sound that way...
  10. I know that, honest :D
    The point was the Pole buying the GSXR and the bidders from Germany who were prepared to fly over and ride the bike home
  11. Advertised my bike not so long ago and the amount of replies that wanted to buy my bike and ship it overseas was amazing.

    Most of them went like "I will send you the price plus the costs of shipping, you take your money and send the shipping costs to Company X and then we will pick the bike up".

    Now call me cynical but for some reason I suspected that this wasn't such a good idea.
  12. Oi I'm watching you :cyclopsani:

    You'd be surprised how far away people will buy bikes from sold a scooter back in 03 to a young lad in California scooter was in Lancs at the time he paid for the shipping the lot. A few phone calls to shipping agents and a trip to DVLA and that was it collected from the house
  13. All scooters should be shipped to the states!!!!!
  14. Just as you should be shipped to the ovens
  15. PADRE !!!! The nasty man is saying bad things!!!!!!!!! :D