sounds like a nice chap

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by auxie, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. What a load of p#iss !!!!!!!!!

    Hope the muppet gets a little stint away for that,

    What goes through peoples heads to make them think things like that???
  2. Hopefully no-one will piss on the b'stard when he's found burning... :x
  3. and people wonder why i left the uk...
  4. He's from Hartlepool. Is it any wonder when they hang monkeys for being spies?

    I hope they lock the cnut up and throw away the key.
  5. The mind boggles.....
  6. I hope the little b*stard gets a custodial sentence so that some of his new neighbours can kick the crap out of him. I know that there have always been a small number of little ******* that have no decency, but is this really what we've become as a nation?
  7. I take it his defence lawyer conjured up the art of bringing someone round with a bucket of water. Were the three of them avid "3 Stooges" fans?

    Find the three of them, and p1ss on them in the street, then put it on you tube. The little pieces of sh1t.

    Please send him to Chocolate_Frog behaviour rect(al)ification inc. I promise with just mild persuation (all right a cattle prod up the arrse) I will return him to the ranks of the good and descent soon enough.

    The programme would be specialised to this persons requirements obviously. With a whistle stop tour of the UK for all and sundry to p1ss on him in the street.
  8. "Tough on crime; tough on the causes of crime". T.Bliar.

    That said, the cause of this crime is the society that allowed the filth in question to survive long enough to do this.

    PS. If you cannot achieve toughness on crime, get your repulsive wife to obtain £1,000,000 for her life-story.
  9. No one wonders. We are just eternally grateful.
  10. this kind of thing used to shock me but now i think its pretty much all you can expect from some elements of society.
  11. What a complete cnut! He should have the soles of his feet beaten daily with a bamboo cane.
  12. He should have all oxygen removed from his vicinity. :evil:
  13. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Kunt pure and simple. If that toad did that to my sister, I would pull his tongue out and take the consequences of what would happen to me. What a disgusting excuse for a human being
  14. Maybe, being a Northern scally half-wit under the influence he got confused and thought he was administering the kiss of life? (Dyslexic?)

    Agreed though....ignorance is no excuse...String him up along with the monkey! (In fairness the former populace of that fair city thought the monkey was a Frenchman...the simularities are indeed remarkable)

    Sorry! must retire to the Naafi Bar.