Sounds familiar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockhoppercrab, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. wouldn't work second time round would it..................or would it :!: :!: :!:
  2. Iran is not that far from "Europe" - in fact if you call Turkey part of Europe, its pretty close. the UK is a very long way beyond that.
  3. Think this is another move in the chess game which seems to be inviting a visit from B&B Travel (Blush and Bliar)!

    Tried it with the Israel should be removed from the face of the earth approach.

    Moved the pieces again with 'let's have instant sunshine' and now have moved them again with the 'we've got something you won't like!'.

    Bluff or posturing? Balls of steel or wet knickers from the US and it's colonies (UK and friends)?

    What's the next move I wonder?

  4. Keep posting until the EMP buggers up the connection.
  5. Just been down to Somerfields and bought up their entire stock of tin foil.

  6. Don't forget to baste
  7. At least I'll be keeping my nuts jungle fresh!
  8. That's not really the thing someone called Padre should be advertising.

    Still any vocation that includes a Bishopric shouldn't be taken too seriously.

    Personally I prefer mine dry roasted.
  9. B & Q are selling white wash on the cheap right now!
  10. Couldn't help remembering the old Golden Wonder advertising capaign 'Wrapped in foil to keep your nuts jungle fresh!"

    Now, do B&Q sell bags of sand and sturdy doors to lie under (can't get under our stairs)?

  11. Whatever it is, if the Iranians are very far advanced it will come soon enough, unfortunately interesting times for one and all.

    Can you use your work connections to put in a good word??!!
  12. and for all the young pups who don't remember the threat of yesteryear have a gander at this link 8O

    Protect and Survive

    padre do you recommend the expensive turkey foil or is tesco own brand good enough?
  13. I seem to remember much play being made about white sheets.

    I had a nice two coloured naafi special duvet cover. Always wondered if that worked as well.

    How about a nice smoker bag instead of tin foil, you get the protection but the meat comes off the bone a treat and has that nice smoked flavour.