Sounds boring but true!

Guys and Girls,

I see many posts about courses, dates, documents and contacts. HQ ATG (A) have an individual who spends all day, every day (sad…but useful) maintaining both the Intranet web site (under Land Web and then under Regional Forces) and an Internet site under (Under Top Items).

These sites are recognised as the definitive source for all Army AT documents and policy. No unit should be hanging onto AT documents as it changes so fast, it can all be found on the web sites. It is now critical when planning expeditions that you have the right version of the JSATFA and policy downloaded from the web.

The idea behind this is anyone can now access the documents; you no longer get told FxxK Oxx at RHQ when hunting around for AT stuff!

You will find all course dates, policy, PXRs, DCI’s contact numbers, email addresses, links to Army associations. Both sites contain all the latest and greatest AT documents for all activities, the sites are updated weekly.

If any wants any more info PM me.
Cheers for that AS.

I shall continue to draw attention to the DCIs I come across regarding AT Expeds etc. as I dont think it does any harm to highlight what's available. At least there is a source where folks can get more info.

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