Soundproofing Walls

Discussion in 'DIY' started by jack-daniels, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Due to having some noisy ******* kids next door I was looking into the option of getting the walls soundproofed.....apart from slotting the kids has anyone got any knowledge of or has had the soundproofing done?
  2. Completely cover the walls in egg trays?...........Slot the kids and the parents - it'll be easier!
  3. I believe Fritzl has a diy book out later this year.
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  4. You might be able to get the walls filled with fibre, this will lessen the noise.
  5. Cheers Chaps...I've looked at some of those links previously but wondered if they were as effective as they make out, it's not uber loud noise rather irritating kids hootering and hollering....I've had previous with noisy neighbours in my old house over 5 years ago which as some of you may know didn't end well and resulted in my going to Winchester Crown Court for a few days out!!
  6. Don't forget that any soundproofing cannot be too thick for the anchor bolts that hold your "restraints".
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  7. fight fire with fire and take up drumming :number1:
  8. Sandbags work rather well
  9. Its all about mass and area Jack. The more and denser mass you have between you and the neighbours the better, or you increase the area that catches the sound.

    Easiest fix is another layer of 12mm plasterboard fitted direct to the existing wall. That generally does not work in domestic so you also need to put some area increasing material between the existing and new plasterboard.

    Nail up battens, put some sound absorbing material on the battens too as this will help prevent transmission of sound - strips of carpet work well. Fill in the area between the battens with sound deadening or acoustic foam (the stuff that looks like loads of pyramids on parade) then cover the foam with the new layer of 12mm plasterboard - you could put two layers of plasterboard up as this will work better (more mass).

    Sadly there is no easy, or cheap, solution to retrofitting domestic noise reduction measures.
  10. Make sure you do any noisy nail banging etc after the kids have gone to bed, exhausted after all their hollering and hooting....