Sound problems...

Okay, I don't know much about computers because I fcuking hate the things. But my sound card fcuked up recently, So I got a new one fitted at the PC shop yesterday. Got home, set it all up and after about an 2 hours my dad got the sound working again. That was until I turned it off to go to bed. Next morning I turned it on and the sound was gone again, My dad just spent like another 2/3 hours trying to get it back again but he couldn't.
Anyone have any ideas? Don't think its anything to do with a broken soundcard as it was working yesterday and it was fixed by the bloke at the PC shop yesterday.

Using Windows I've had some strange problems with sound. My problems stemmed from the installed media players (Real or Windows Media) volumes being set to zero/mute. This affected the general sound and as soon as I adjusted the volumes in the players accordingly, my sound problems were solved. Though, I've not met anyone with this same problem since.

Have you tried the sound control panel?
Yes I have, I usually listen to music etc, through earphones but its saying that there are no sound devices. I have looked in the control panel but thats saying that nothing is plugged in.

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