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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by bubblehead, Aug 29, 2003.

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  1. Nation and Branch of Service...
  2. Northern Ireland - UVF (SPS)
  3. You might find people a bit shy over here regarding giving details. Annonanimity (sp?) and security etc.

    Black and Tans, NI.
  4. Ulster - Red Hand Commandos

    Ma_Sonic, ******* splitter

    Flash, ******* rozzer
  5. Definitely not my intent to get anyone to violate security, OPSEC, INFSEC, etc.

    I'm just trying to get things going around here. Maybe finding some common ground.
  6. British, Army

    There..... that wasn't too difficult was it :D
  7. I'll be whoever Mr Blair (The Right Honourable Member for South Texas) wants me to be today. Hey, I'm supposed to do what I'm told![​IMG]
  8. British, Household Division of the Army
  9. Dino

    I can't contest your britishness, but notice you do not ascribe which army the Household Divison belongs to. Some correspondents here might pose that you are really commanded by the Comander in Chief, president bush???
  10. Same thing isn't it? Are we, as the British Army the 69th Auxillary Regiment Secondment European of the US Army?

  11. Not British and not in the Army.

    American -- Civilian (Prior Navy)
  12. Dino,

    You almost stumbled into a major cause of dissension there.

    "No m'dear, I can assure you that I am not in the Army. I am in the Household Division. It is similar to being in the Army, yet also very different."

    Cue: Lots of irate comments and slagging off of the Household Cavalry and the Brigade from everybody else looking at this thread.
  13. I thought that would get a rise out of someone. :D :D
  14. Not at all. You crack on. Immitation is, after all the, sincerest form of flattery.

    Seen anybody round here pretending to be called Maverick?
  15. I must admit, subtlety is not what our colonial cousins understand. I have tried to use this on many a boxhead excursion and it still arrives at flight level 450! With out a radar advisory. I may have to s p e l l it out soon! Takes all the fun out of irony.

    Galland sends his regards.

    Like beating spaniel puppies in a bin bag with a MRLS battery. Just not fair.