Sound of Music - London Palladium advice needed

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bossdog, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. I'm a bit lacking in cultural etiquette so I'd appreciate any help.

    I'm taking the missus to see Sound of Music at the London Palladium. Seating is in the Stalls. I have never been to see a musical before.

    Does anyone know what (if any) dress rquirements there are?

    Ho wlong will the show last approximately?

    Any available parking near the London Palladium?

    Cheers folks.
  2. I Googled "palladium" + "parking".

    This site seems to give details of the pros and cons of every fcuking seat in the theatre. There is a bit about parking right at the bottom.

    (Gives your thread a bump.)
  3. you'll be looking at about 3hrs, although as such there is no dress code, it did tend to be very smart casual to smart last time i was there, quite a few people wearing shirt and tie, but i guess this would also depend on the time of the day you go, as during the day i would have thought it to be more touristy. As for parking, i would'nt bother, if you do find some where to park it is upwards of £5 per hour! unless you go on a sunday, and then its free, best bet would be to park out of the city and get a tube in.
  4. NCP Brewer Street, W1.
  5. Taking into account the prices they charge, wear what you like. It's not the officer's/Sgt's mess!

    I believe that lots of people come dressed as nuns for some inexplicable reason...
  6. Bossdog, I went ot see the SOM at the Palladium myself on 23 Dec...PM me any questions.....
  7. After the congestion charge (and also the yellow line restrictions have expired) you could try St. James's Square, W1, for a freebie.
  8. Excellent show, eat before the show if you can, take the train or the tube, wear what you want ( oh do behave!!). Enjoy it, the stage effects are great and the music you will know so well. Usuall London theatre prices for programmes, ice creams and dont even bother a drink at half time.
  9. true, they do, however the first time i went to the palladium i thought i was ok in smart casual and soon felt very uneasy when even the staff totally out-dressed me! though, like i said before, i think this is worse with the night performances than say matinees. By the way, watch out for the bar prices, in the stalls you will pay the cheaper prices, but the further up you go (away from the stage) the more expensive the drinks!! found this out last time i went, as i was in the stalls, but had some friends in the upper circle and we all met up outside for the fag break, funny really, cheaper seats, more expensive drinks
  10. A mate of mine is playing one of the leads in it- can't promise anything but if wifey would like autographs let me know which performance you are going to and I'll see what can be arranged :wink: PS- The show runs for 2 hours 40 minutes including an interval half way through- at most theatres its wise to order your drinks for the interval at the bar before the show starts so that you can enjoy them- or you'll only just get served before the curtain goes up again! Dress in smart comfortable clothes- people do wear anything from jeans to suits but it depends on the individual.
  11. Don't understand query re theatre dress code. Surely, what one wears is conditioned by fact that you are treating your lady to a night out in London. She, being a woman, will want to be nicely dressed and you as escort should wear clothes to support her in this aim.
    Just grow a pair under your trousers and make your own mind up and not be influenced by what might be happening by a crowd of others who most likely have no idea either. OK to ask - sure but it is a question that should not need to be put.
  12. Bodystocking and thong...or chinos/dress shirt? I am always getting those two mixed up...
  13. If you wear lederhosen and an Iron Cross, they'll upgrade you.
  14. Mrs 4-8 and I go to the theatre reasonably frequently and most of the advice given in the preceding posts are valid, wear what you are comfortable with, these days there isn’t too much snobbery associated with the dress code.

    However there is one thing worth bearing in mind, there’s always a chance of an upgrade – just ask and be persistent. You do need to look the part, whereas you won’t look out of place in the stalls in black tie if you don’t succeed, you stand no chance of getting an upgrade if you’re in jeans and sweat shirt, and it’s always worth a punt – nothing like sitting a box for the cost of the stalls.

    Oh, and use public transport to get into London – it’s much less stressful.

    Above all enjoy.