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James Callaghan described the country's defences as "outweighed", "outnumbered" and "insufficient" in 1978 after ordering a report on the scale of the Soviet threat to the UK.
In the air, the UK would be forced to confront an estimated 200 Soviet bombers with 98 fighters, resulting in destruction to the UK many times worse than that delivered by the German Luftwaffe.
The Army would be able to counter the currently assessed Soviet land threat during the initial stages of war but, lacking supporting arms and logistic support, it would be inadequate to deal with any significant threat".
What would he have had to say today? If the Russians decided that maybe World War 3 would benefit them quite substantially and sent wave after wave of bombers our way how would the RAF fare today?
The concept of "wave after wave" of bombers attacking the UK was somewhat debunked at the end of the Cold War. Whilst planners had envisaged Regimental-sized attacks on a daily basis, it became clear that the WP had nothing like the resources, or serviceability, or competent manpower, to sustain that sort of activity.

Furthermore, attrition of WP aircraft crossing the CR would have substantially diminished the throw-weight arriving in the UK ... we would have just been picking up the remains.

I can't comment on the CENTAG/NORTHAG scenario ...

[edit to add: But of course we were part of NATO, and our Allies would have done their bit. Like Brave Little Belgium, who wouldn't let us have 1000lb bombs for Gulf I ... because they'd lied about their NATO war stocks and didn't actually have them to give/sell to us. Apparently ...]

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