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The utility company blew up and wiped my operating system which was Windows XP. I had this replaced by a local "tecky" who installed a counterfeit version of XP which by the way works after a fashion. I now find that the sound card which I had and was internal is not functioning and have considered installing an external card.

Question: anyone any similar experiences and advice?

Question: anyone used an external sound card and advice

Thanks in anticipation
I keep a small external "dongle" type sound card for testing systems it cost me a couple of quid from Amazon and works fine -don't expect cinema quality sound from it tho. The alternative is to try and download the driver for your current card from somewhere like or MajorGeeks
Good luck 31a
What make & model of 'puter are you using?

Normally you can find the drivers you need from the the manufacture's site by entering your service tag number.
THIEF!, possibly
Have a gander on the back of your PC and see if there is a Windows COA sticker, It has Microsoft logo with a 25 digit serial number and a version of Windows.
This number could have been used to install XP and hence get updates from the website, Including drivers.

If he was installing hooky he could have at least put Windows 7 on it for you.

Make and model of PC would help for the sound issue, as stated above


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I have two - a Soundblaster Tactic one for gaming (with matching headset), and a Fiio dac/amplifier unit (used with headphones). Both install with zero issues and work great. just make sure you select them as the source in Control Panel and bob's your auntie's live in lover.
I think that external usb soundcards are a good idea if you own a laptop as well as a pc. You can swap it around as much as you want and they are future proof. Internal soundcards are tidier and with better latency but the majority of them are still manufactured for a PCI buss. This is a virtually redundant technology meaning that any future upgrade to a newer m/b equipped only with PCI-E slots will render the card useless. If you have to get a replacement internal soundcard, and you already have PCI-E slots on your m/b, make sure that it is PCI-E.

Asus Xonar DSX has top quality audio for about £35.00.


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win xp should be up to date but you might have an odd card with the wrong generic driver. force install the correct one which should be on the PC makers support site. whoever did the install probably didn't think to check everything and windows update optional updates might have what you want without any fuss.

those usb cards work pretty well and are very cheap.
Has windows been updated to service pack 3?

If you want to find your motherboard model and manufacturer download CPU-Z fro here CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting (Right hand side, purple icon with cpu-z on it version 1.62 English)

Install as normal, but uncheck the boxes when prompted to install the ask toolbar and protool crap.

Run CPU-Z. Now click the tab that says mainboard.

This should give you the manufacturer, model and chipset information so that you can then go to the relevant website and get the onboard sound driver.

If you have a separate internal sound card then just open the PC and pull out the sound card - it will have a make and model on it.
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