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SOS - Youre never too old.


Kit Reviewer
Those of you that do and are will know about this.

For those of you that do but aren't or don't and ain't, take a squizz here.

A 48-way relative hopjie is not the easiest of lobs to make work.
Everybody, the organisers, all forty-eight skydivers, the three pilots and the spotters need to work together getting their own particular job done correctly, otherwise it all turns into an expensive sack of shit.

Now factor in the freefallers' combined age of at least 2900 years with knackered joints, dickie bladders and Alzheimers and you've got the recipe for a monumental balls up !

Maybe Skydivers Over Sixty were lucky this time, but bizarrely the more they practice, the luckier they get. :D

And youngsters, that works for everything !

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