SoS Defence in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. The new SoS Defence, John Hutton in Iraq.

    So what will the man who used to head up the CSA make of his new role and the future of BRITFOR in Iraq?

    Given the "show of strength and feeling" from the Shia community in Baghdad, al-Maliki is surely under a lot of pressure to publish a definitive "exit" date for many of the forces. Without this, al-Maliki's political future will be weak.

    Source: Hutton makes surprise visit to Iraq

    Anyway, no doubt we will see the requisite photo op pics in the media over the next few days - SoS doughnuted by "smiling" British soldiers.
  2. So that will be the SoS, three women (of whom two will be blonde and impossibly photogenic), two Fijians (ideally one of whom will be female), two Gurkhas, two REME and one AGC soldier (of indeterminate gender).

    "In order, SoS, to show to the world just how ethnically mixed and gender-aware the British Army is."

    I can't wait!


  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    What hosting dinner parties, living a lavish lifestyle and springing drug carrying teenagers from jail?

    Sounds good to me
  4. Do you think they bus them in especially? We've got our fair share of Fijians, Gurkas and other capbadges (and very good they are too) but my unit's a bit thin on the blonde and photogenic.

    [note to self: speak to RCMO on Mon morning; am missing a trick]
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    They are amongst a bus full of nurses who are coming to your Christmas doo :D
  6. Well, about blasted time; I ordered them several years ago (I hope they havent gone off).
  7. Did you not indent for some inflatables, wigs and make-up? MoD is completely overstocked....
  8. As ever, my sympathies will be with the poor b*ggers dragged out of their scratchers to goggle at the visiting oaf!

    The photographs will be of one-stars and above showing how jolly pleased they are to see the oaf now directing their lives, in furtherance of the grinning-spiv Bliar's most stupid and unsupportable adventure to show what a really big player he was on the world's stage!
  9. Some of them will have gone off, but some will be nicely matured. However, I understand there is no reliable test for which is which! :twisted:

  10. Not corked, I hope.
  11. I always wondered who they get for these photo shoots. Though I doubt REME's would be allowed near!
    When I was in, REMEs werent trusted to talk to Journos as we used to make up stories! If the journos were outside the gates, REMEs would be taken off guard duties so we disnt spin some crap! Though we once got some local journos excited about the "UFO reckage" that was hidden in a bomb proof hanger on the base!
  12. Onje of the few people I would wish to be killed there. After he is not on our side, he is from ZanuLabour, just another enemy.
  13. There is something about Hutton, not sure what it is , but in another time and place, he'd make a fine 'killing gentleman' , much like Gates.

    To me anyway, he has a vibe of 'The time to be taking ungrateful sh*t from Johnny Foreigner when my people are getting killed protecting their worthless hides, is over' , again like Gates. Hutton looks like a tablethumper , and unafraid of using harsh language.

    How this will translate into word and deed, remains to be seen. Hoon was a fcuking useless twisting waster , Dr. Reid wasn't given a chance in post, his obvious enthusiasm for the boys and girls did for him there, Swiss Des was terribly well meaning, but somewhat ineffectual, now we have Hutton.

    I am uncertain of Hutton, but feel he may well prove a surprise , especially to 'host' governments who, while smiling and shaking hands , continue to work against us , using our money and personnel, to protect their own corrupt positions.