Sorting routine?

Start Basic Training on June 13th and wanna get myself nice and fit before I go In obviously!

Was thinking along the lines of:

Monday: 3 Mile Jog

Tuesday: Arms and Back - Pullups both styles and Pressups

Wednesday: 1.5 mile run - Fairly fast paced, about 10 minutes or so

Thursday: Stomach - Situps

Friday: 3 Mile Jog

I can probably do about 15 Pullups now as I haven't done any for a while and about 30 Pressups?
What about Swimming?

Can anybody help me Improve on this routine?



A good starting point.

I would advise, however, that when you do your 3 mile jogs that you don't concentrate on mileage. You should be aiming to run for at least 30 minutes - no matter how far you end up going
You don't want to end up in a position where (as you get fitter) you end up decreasing your 3 miler time to 21 minutes, as this is 9 minutes of exercise thrown away.
So work on time spent running rather than distances. And don't increase it too much every week.

Also, try throwing in a fartlek/interval session rather than a 1.5 miler

Your strength sounds very good if you can do 15 pull-ups, so keep it up. As per pressups - If you are comfortable doing them then a session of pressups a week could be fine. I'm shite at press-ups and I have to work on them more or less constantly throughout the week to keep up to standard. Maybe put another session of press-ups/pull-ups on the thursday too.

Remember to increase all your running timings gradually over time, it's all too easy to get into a routine. Especially if it gets more comfortable as you get fitter. Hope this helps.
Thanks mate, that was a great help!

So something like this would be a bit better?

Monday: 30 minute Jog

Tuesday: 3 x 10 Pullups, 3 x 15 Chinups, 3 x 30 Pressups - With breaks Inbetween.

Wednesday: Timed 1.5 Mile run

Thursday: 3 x 20 Situps, 3 x 30 Pressups, 30 minute swim

Friday: 30 minute Jog

Weekend off.

Sound better?


I would say so, but remember it's always best to give this a go for a week and see how you fair. It might be too much for you, it might be too little, it might be just right - Only you can answer that.

Is 30 press-ups your max? If so, don't do 30 reps in your sets - half whatever your maximum is and do 4 or 5 sets of that number. So 4-5 sets of 15, in your case.
Pull-ups, well I'm not the guy to ask. I certainly can't do 15, but maybe a similar approach to the press-ups might work better.

Just remember that while there is nothing wrong wanting to turn up for training fit - It's important that you don't push yourself too hard. You want to avoid injury and look after yourself. There is no point in trying to get very fit, very quickly as you are just tempting injury. Keep your fitness regime progressive but not ball-breaking. There will be plenty of oppertunity to push yourself during training.
When you get to phase one, there will be varying levels of fitness throughout your training platoon - The PTI's will recognise this and bring everyone up to a standard.
So enjoy the time you have, by all means keep training but don't go too hard on yourself, yet.
Monday: 30 minute Jog

Tuesday: 5 x 8 Pullups, 5 x 8 Chinups, 5 x 15 Pressups - With breaks Inbetween.

Wednesday: Timed 1.5 Mile run

Thursday: 5 x 15 Situps, 5 x 15 Pressups, 30 minute swim

Friday: 30 minute Jog

Weekend off.

I think I'll go for this, thanks for your help guys!

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