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My jihad against unbeliever spammers/potential spammers has been denied by the kuffar upgrade: no longer can I sit into the wee, small hours sniping at the foul creatures as I can't see a way to sort them by join date.

Or has there also been an upgrade in anti-spam software?


One thing I've noticed in the Members section @Bad CO and quite an important one... There's no longer a method of listing members by registration date (descending).

Every day between approx 4am and 2pm we get a steady flow of new members from our delightful Indian & Pakistani dwellings register to spam the sight with health supplements. Sorting the member list this way helps get rid of them in most cases, before they've even posted. (with some satisfaction I might add). It's like virtual bubble wrap :-D

Edit: Seems like my partner-in-spam @FourZeroCharlie has identified the exact same thing at the exact same time.

Jinx! Make a wish...

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